Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Peek Inside My Closet!

Well, this little post has been sitting in my drafts box forever.  Seriously.  So this is how the closet looked a few months ago, but it's basically the same now (maybe an extra bin or two in there) but the items in there and the layout is the same.  So I've been feeling the need for a MAJOR closet clean out/restock lately.  I usually do a quick clean out every season, but I'm now at a point where a major wardrobe overhaul is needed.  The closet layout/color can't change, but I'm expecting the clothing contents to change.  And I'll document the items in and out during the process.
Since we are in a temporary housing situation, I share my long walk-in with our 4 year old little lady (which explains the Paul Frank monkey tee) and all of our crystal and glass, which my husband didn't want in the storage units (? pick your battles people - lol).  My tops (and coats/dresses at the far end) hang from the top front rack and the bottom front rack is my girl's. 

Hanging on the opposite wall is my closet inspiration board where I also hang some long necklaces.

Last year for my birthday my Mom got me a whole suite of the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers!  These are absolutely fabulous!  I used to use the plastic tube ones, but you wouldn't believe how much space these new hangers save.  Everything is just neater and things don't fall off the hangers!  Look how nice and uniform all the tops look when hanging.

On the top rack nearest to the far wall is where my pants/shorts/sweaters/skirts hang.

I use The Container Store's clear shoe boxes for the majority of my shoe storage.  I used to keep them in the original boxes with a photo of what was inside taped to the end of each box.  But after a pipe burst in my NY apartment and ruined 3 pairs of Prada shoes, a Tory Burch handbag and a few blazers I knew that a better shoe protection option had to be found.  These are great!  Not terribly expensive and you can still see what's inside!  I'm a visual person and I need to see what I have so I will use it.

Here are a couple of my really nice bags which, when not in use, I keep in the original dust bags.  Other bags hang over the inspiration board and on the far wall from Command Hooks (a lifesaver for renters) - see first picture.  Any clutches go into the larger Container Store clear boxes which coordinate with the shoe boxes.
Next up how I organize my jewelry:
My Stepmother got me the sweet velvet covered bracelet display rack last Christmas and it's great.  I put it up high on the dresser beside (some) of my fashion books.  Love that I can see all my bracelet options now!

My other earrings and necklaces are in a vintage glass bowl and juicer in a drawer in the bathroom (mostly to keep away from the kiddo who is still in the "seek and destroy" phase, she doesn't mean to, but she can tear some stuff up!)
Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my closet.  It's not the ideal closet situation, but it's working for now.  My philosophy is that if you keep on top of the organization and try to keep things as neat as possible, that even tight spaces like this can work.  Let's face it not everyone has a Kardashian sized closet, so you work with what you have!
Now my next step is to empty it out and figure out what items I'm keeping, storing, or donating/selling...


  1. That's very organized! Love the books too :) So cute!

  2. I love the huggable hangers! I share d those last year. I know you asked for a tutorial on French braiding, but I can't do it unless I have someone to take pictures of the back of my head. So until then, trie the beauty they have 1

  3. Oh I love an organized closet. These hangers are pretty fantastic.

    I need to try this for my jewelry...all of my pieces are out of control.

  4. I love this--it's so interesting to see in other people's closets! I love those hangers; they really do save space! Great idea to put an inspiration board in your closet!

  5. This inspiration board is pure genius!!

  6. I share a regular size square walkin closet with my husband. Feels like we are constantly bumping into each other. Love your jewelry solutions.

  7. Having to share a closet with my husband means we are always bumping into each other with our stuff. We really need a re-org. Love your jewelry storage.


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