Sunday, May 31, 2009


I saw a picture of this Versace Atelier gown on Eva Longoria Parker (at the Bright Star premiere in Cannes earlier this month) in a magazine and it is truly stunning. The detail and all the embroidery and layering, with subtle colors swirling about. I can't even imagine how it's constructed, but boy I would love to get up close and study it. I wish I could have found a better picture, but trust me on this one. This is one heck of a dress!
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If you haven't already...

explore Maine Cottage's website. I love their furniture mainly because they offer so many beautiful color and fabric choices. In their "Fresh Ideas" section there are lots of slideshows and color idea cards (example below):
I have to give them lots of credit for creating a really fun, happy and welcoming site for their great products. I go to it again and again for inspiration!

Images via Maine Cottage

Saturday, May 30, 2009

If you haven't already...

If you are a hotel junkie, like myself, pop over to Montague. They supply casegoods to lovely hotels all over (check out the picture on the homepage - how I would LOVE to stay in that hotel room!). This room from the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco is so cheery! Ah, nothing better than a great hotel!

Favorite finds

Found this really great armoir (named "Opus") in an ad in Interior Design magazine (I think) from Wendell Castle Collection. It's designed by Emma Gardner (I am familiar with her gorgeous rugs).

I wish I had a bigger picture, but you get the idea, great soft blue ground with a large graphic koi and Lucite feet. I love the blue with the orange, it's really striking. This picture was the only info I could find out about it, I guess it's so new that they haven't updated the website.

Image from Wendell Castle Collection

Favorite finds

One of my dear friends attended ICFF recently and sent me a brochure of some fabulous wallpapers from Madison & Grow. I really fell in love with two patterns in particular with a (surprise!) beachy vibe. Apparently I'm using this blog to furnish my nonexistent beach house.
"Margo" in the "full moon over the bluffs" colorway
"Maggie" (wishing they had a spa blue or light teal colorway)
Both are from the appropriately named "Martha's Vineyard" collection. The "Manhattan" collection has some really fab patterns too. Check their stuff out here.
Images from Madison & Grow

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I want this!

This YSL platform pump just may be the world's most perfect shoe. They are too fab for words. I have been swooning over these shoes forever, okay well, since I first saw them a few months ago. And now they are on sale, of course I don't have an extra $479 laying around for shoes. And sadly, I currently do not have the lifestyle to justify them. So I guess I'll keep dreaming. Ahhhhh....
*special bonus* - they have turquoise soles - double swoon!

Image from YSL

I want this!

Urban Outfitters has some really cute little jewelry stands right now. I'm always looking for new ways to display what I have so I don't forget (out of sight, out of mind - right?):

"Oak Jewelry Stand"

"Sea Fan Jewelry Stand"

"Dogwood Tree Jewelry Stand"

"Blooming Branch Jewelry Stand"

These are just a few of my favorites. I think a couple of these mixed and matched on the dresser or vanity would be perfect. There are a lot more options online, check them out here. Did I mention all are extremely affordable?

All images from Urban Outfitters

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I want this!

A few years ago I was at Furniture Market in High Point wandering around showrooms (those who have been to Furniture Market know that after a couple of days, you can have serious overload and start to zone/wander) when I stumbled across these amazing shadowboxes and dioramas hanging on the walls in one of the showrooms. I grabbed a card immediately. These little gems are by Christine Originals. They do black & white, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, color and still life dioramas. They are so petite and detailed, you really become mesmerized just taking the tiny scene in. I have a few favorites pictured below.

Fantastic! Now the hard part, which one to choose?
All images from Christine Originals

For my fellow NCSU people...

If you went to NCSU you may or may not be familiar with the "Color Wall" in DH Hill Library - here is an update about what is going on.

On Again; Off Again: DH Hill Library’s ‘Color Wall’ Goodnight, Raleigh!

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J'adore Dior Couture!

I've mentioned before how outstanding John Galliano's Dior Couture shows are. One of my all time favorites, that always seems to float around in my mind for endless inspiration, is Spring 2007. Here are some of my favorite things from that collection:

You can find more images here and a review here. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If you haven't already...

pop over to Smithsonian's website and check out some photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, they are breathtaking! I'm wondering why someone hasn't turned some of these into rugs or even printed lining for jackets, etc (though if I'm not mistaken Escada had something similar a few years back as lining, I'll have to find that picture).

Photo via NASA and Smithsonian

I want this!

I love Williams Sonoma Home - when I get the catalog in the mail I flick through it immediately and mark the pages with things I love (but sadly will not buy right now) - here are a few that really caught my eye and that I adore:

Lovely lobster printed canvas pillow - $88

Silver Sea Life collection (sadly all but the lobster have sold out - that was quick!)
Silver Plated Shells - $28 each or $75 for the set of 3Super cute Printed Sea Life Outdoor Pillows - $78 each (on sale)

Wow! I think I'm seeing a trend of me really liking ocean things - perhaps this is not a design trend but a need for a vacation at the beach!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Shopping Fun!

Okay, I've been at it again, flipped over to HSN and this ring by Sheila Fajl (her "Glow by Sheila Fajl" line) was featured. It's a really beautiful aqua dyed quartz stunner.They also featured this bracelet that goes with it - unfortunately it sold out very quickly - (it is beautiful) oh well.
Images from HSN

Favorite things

I've mentioned before how much I love Tory Burch's tunics, well today an email arrived with Tory's tips about how to wear her tunics, as well as a link to her tunic offerings right now. Trust me on this one, hers are the best!

If you haven't already...

zip over to NYC florist Sandra de Ovando's website - there you will find the most original, dreamy flower arrangements I've ever seen. My personal favorite the "Floating Flower Ball" followed closely by the "Cymbidum Circle" - just divine!!

I want this!

I've been wanting a t-shirt from Johnny Cupcakes for a while now, I love the logo combination of a cupcake and crossbones. I think this may be the one that I finally get. I'd better act fast, as they sell out quick and almost all are limited editions. So much fun!

Image from Johnny Cupcakes

Friday, May 15, 2009

I want this!

My Mom brought me a stack of recent House Beautiful magazines and I saw this chandelier, by Interior Designer Marjorie Skouras, in two separate issues and I am in LOVE! Made out of iron and turquoise beads, I think it's completely perfect, elegant yet casual. Fabulous!
Ms. Skouras has designed a bunch of very interesting home items - check them out at her website.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home Shopping Fun!

The eclectic Loulou de la Falaise is on HSN today and she has some cute things - for example:

And to go with this, her "Poppy" necklace/belt:

Really interesting - she's bringing a little Paris chic right into our living rooms! Magnifique!


My wonderful across-the-street neighbor gave me two beautiful pink peonies yesterday, they smell so sweet! I put them on the island in the kitchen beside my Mother's Day orchid. Perfection...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Worthy of an embroidered pillow...

I don't know how many of you tuned into part 1 of the Real Housewives of New York last night, but dear Kelly spouted some of her trademark words of "wisdom":
"I'm not gonna cry over crying."

What?!? That girl is not quite right.
Part 2 will air this Thursday at 9pm - buckle up!

Meanwhile, I'm still in love with Jill's daughter's made over room - divine!!! (the rest of the apartment is a bit much, but this room is just right)
Image is via Traditional Home

Favorite Finds

This is really a great find. I ran across it at the Liberty Antiques Festival in Liberty, NC (right outside of Greensboro - held twice a year in April and September). I was on the fence about purchasing, but I'm so glad I did. It's a very groovy, 50's style boomerang dish with the signs of the Zodiac around the edge with this atomic world/clock thing in the middle. The shape grabbed me first followed by the colors, lovely spa teals (almost grey). It's just a fun piece in fabulous condition. It now lives in the master bedroom, right beside this cup.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Favorite Finds

In the Spring of 2006, while we were living in Cumberland, MD, I found out that we lived just about an hour away from Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater. Well as soon as I got directions and reserved my tickets I made the pilgrimage. What an amazing house, what an amazing experience! We've all seen the pictures of this house perched over a waterfall, but to actually see it in person is breathtaking. It truly was one of those life changing things for me, I left so inspired and recharged. (I would post pictures, but they are really protective of the images and out of respect I will not do so - and yes I have some good ones). I'm getting excited just writing this - I can't put into words how much I loved it.

When the tour of the main house and the guest house (who knew there was a guest house - whose interior I fell in love with along with the gorgeous wisteria hanging off the roof) was over I made a beeline for the gift shop ready to spend. And spend I did - books, cards and best of all these wonderful earrings:

They are wonderful because suspended in each one is a piece of concrete saved during the restoration of Fallingwater (the rest is acrylic and silver - they not at all heavy). I can't tell you how many people have commented on them when I wear them, and I just love telling the story. How fantastic to have a piece of this house that you can wear - they also make pendants and cuff links too. They are one of my prized possessions and my "go to" earrings that look great with everything. They are a special souvenir of a great day and a great piece of architecture!

Image from Fallingwater store

I want this!

This weekend I visited the first (I hope there are many more) Hatch Market. There were some wonderful vendors and I ran across this necklace from Grey Area - yes, it's an actual orange slice dried and sealed. The necklaces are stunning in person and certainly conversation starters! Such fun!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I want this!

I'm a Jonathan Adler fan - big time. Love his book, love the way he interprets things, love his partner, love his dog, etc. Big fan! I love the new glasses he's come out with, mostly for the color! How great are these colors?

Image from
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