Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Weekend and some suprise finds...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I recently stumbled across an item in my reading from Selena Gomez's new line at Kmart called "Dream Out Loud".  I know, I know how tween/teen can you get?  But stay with me.  Shopping in the juniors section can be good (for inexpensive, trendy items) or bad (fit can be an issue after a certain age, especially with pants *ahem* and sometimes the colors are a bit garish for non-teens).  Anyway, I checked out her line online and there are a few pieces that stood out and I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe at all.  I may even carve out some time to pop into a Kmart and check it out in person!  Enjoy!
Sequin Bottom Thermal Tunic - $16 (Wouldn't this be great with a black blazer over it?  Love this one!)

Belted Cardigan - $26 (the top button has a pretty butterfly on it)

Images via Kmart


  1. Those are some great pieces! There is a Kmart down the road from my neighborhood. I'll have to pop in and check out the new line! Thanks!

  2. hmmm... I am kind of liking the first top. It's different, but you are right, it would look great with a blazer!

  3. What great picks! I may be having to check out Kmart to see if they have any of this in the store!

  4. Love the thermal!
    I could use it right now because my long sleeve white tee I put on this morning has a hole in the shoulder. Ooops.

  5. Those are cute! I really like the sequin bottom sweatshirt

  6. I love all those!

  7. Super cute, much like Gomez herself. I have to say I also like that sparkly skirt.

    P.S. Check out my blog--you're a winner!

  8. You know I've recently discovered that K-Mart actually has some great stuff. Have you checked out their shoes too? I love that gray cardigan--it looks cozy and cute!


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