Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kardashian Klosets - I mean Closets

That darn Kardashian branding makes me go nuts with the K's (I shake my fist in Kris Jenner's direction).  I've mentioned before that I watch every Kardashian show, which is shameful but strangely inspiring (interior decorating-wise of course) and in that post I shared some pics of Khloe's amazing closet.  Well, in September's InStyle magazine they have a feature on Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's closets which are stunning and chock full o' designer goodies, so I wanted to share. 
Kim's glam, rich and almost masculine (with all the dark wood and clean lines) closet - well, one of her closets.  The article mentioned she has one more for shoes and handbags.  The article also mentioned that Kim used to be a professional closet organizer (!).  How about that chandelier and ginormous Givenchy tote in the corner - fabulous!

Kourtney's more realistic closet.  I love the carpet and wallpaper.  I also dig the chair in the corner, big enough to sit in and yet it doesn't feel like it hogs the whole space.  This one is a great use of vertical space!

And here's Khloe's closet, which I've shared before.  Still love it and is my fave of the three - I mean who doesn't dream of a mirrored island with drawers galore in your closet? 

Which one is your favorite?

BTW - I ran to the mall last Friday, had a few extra minutes to kill so I popped into Sears to check out the Kardashian clothing collection that just came out.  Um, well, no.  It was not my cup o' tea (probably because I'm like 10 years older than their target audience *ahem*), I wanted to like the leopard print blazer - can't find a picture online - but for $99, I expect better fabric and a better print execution.  Now if it goes on sale for $19 I may be all in, but for now my money is best spent on other things.

Images via InStyle


  1. I'd be glad to have any of them but I think my style is most like Kourtney's.
    Personally I love each of their design aestetics. Koutrney and her mom both have largely black white and shades of gray in their homes and lot's of luxe fabric. Each of their homes really resonate with me.

  2. Good to know about the clothing collection at Sears.
    Their closets are so colorful!

  3. $99 for sears?? karazy...although i would totally LOVE a leopard blazer!

    i love khloe's closet for the brighter color. just feels more open (yeah, it's huge, too!), and chic. the others are a bit dark for my taste, although i wouldn't complain if one was to be mine!

    thanks for entering the Blogaversary Giveaway

  4. I love these closets...mine is like a shoebox in comparison! I had no idea about the line at Sears! I'm so out of the loop.

  5. I like the floor in Kim's, but my favorite, all things considered, has to be Khloe's. I like the bright feeling, the island, and LOTS of hanging space. It has be rethinking my own closet.

  6. I would LOVE to raid these closets!!

  7. can you imagine having a closet like either of those?? i would love to have all that space and storage...and that chandelier!! :)


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