Thursday, February 21, 2013

NYFW Fall 2013 Trends - Color

As I finished looking at the images from NY Fashion week a couple of color trends popped out at me.  These aren't new or groundbreaking, but I made note of them because they have been around and will continue to be around.  First up, cobalt blue!
Love that this color is sticking around! It's just so happy and sophisticated.
Next up, vivid pinks!
Every pink from pastel to neon, they all are represented.
This by no means are all the color trends, just ones that jumped out at me (and certainly these are ones that you can find now and wear this Spring and Summer with no problem at all).  I'll be back with more as London, Milan and Paris wrap up.  I'm pinning away every day on my Fall 2013 Pinterest board - check it out for more great picks!
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday 2-13-2013

I've been super lazy about getting dressed recently, it's just how it is at the moment.  But I'm still craving fashion and have been pouring through the New York Fall 2013 shows every hour on the hour. I'm pinning my favorites on my Fall 2013 Pinterest board, head over and check it out!  A little secret - cobalt blue isn't going anywhere, so feel free to snap up any cobalt blue pieces you like, they'll be relevant for a while.

Anyway here are a couple of recent outfits:
Cardigan - Old Navy (old)
Top - Old Navy (old)
Pants - Old Navy (old)
Necklace - gift

Sweatshirt tunic - Target (old)
Leggings - Target
Wellies - Hunter
I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW. Make sure you head over and check out what everyone else is wearing!
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Spring 2013 Couture Picks

I'm going to mix things up a bit with my picks from each fashion season.  Instead of doing a post with my five (or more or less) picks per show, I decided to put all my picks from every show on a Pinterest board created specifically for that season.

Let's start with my Spring 2013 Couture board.

I think this makes more sense because you can see all my faves at one time whenever needed.  I'm a visual person and it's nice to be able to scroll through and see any trends (color, cut, pattern) that start to appear.  It also plays into my wanting to create a bit more original content for the blog (which is slow going).  I would also like to do more runway looks for less for each season too (anyone remember when I used to do the "my take" posts? Yeah, long time ago).  I want to get back to that sort of thing.  So I'll put together a little graphic like the one above to let you know when I'm finished with my picks and the season's board is "complete".  So head over and check it out!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Grace Coddington And Liz Tilberis

First things first, I'm participating in the Mama Monday series over at Ava Grace's Closet today.  Head over and check it out!
This weekend I zipped through the book Grace: A Memoir by legendary fashion editor Grace Coddington.  Being as fashion magazine obsessed as I am, I must say I loved it!  I loved every story, tidbit, opinion, just everything.  I felt like she was chatting with me and telling me all these stories about all these legendary photographers/models/editors.  I just ate it up.  She is arguably the greatest fashion editor of all time, with her ability to tell a story and create a mood with the editorials she styles.  That being said, I was so happy that she devoted a chapter to her great friendship with Liz Tilberis the late Editor-In-Chief of Harper's Bazaar.  And while I adore Grace, I positively worship Liz. 

You see, Liz took Harper's Bazaar to another level back in 1992 when she took over as Editor-In-Chief.  Way back in the late 80's/early 90's Bazaar was sort of a garish, cluttered, very dated magazine.  I should know, I was a subscriber (well, my Mom subscribed for me - ha!).  It was never quite as sophisticated as Vogue.  It had cheesy features, the one that stands out the most was it's annual "50 Most Beautiful Women In The World", which while lovely felt so forced.  But when Liz took over she brought in some amazingly creative people (like Fabien Baron and photographer Patrick Demarchelier poached from Vogue), and in September 1992 this issue arrived in my mailbox and proceeded to blow my mind.
(and yes I still have it)

She and her team had created the most beautiful, well-designed magazine that felt both modern yet familiar in an almost retro way.  It was the best of every world.  So sophisticated.  I remember holding that issue up and saying to no one in particular "Well, things just got interesting."  I was obsessed.  Obsessed with every photo, model, layout, just everything.  It was genius in every way.  Her magazine created instant buzz in the publishing world, picking up award after award. Every month a new beautifully designed fantasy landed in my mailbox.  Her Editor Letters were fun and familiar (though not as good as Linda Wells at Allure - she writes the best ones in the business), she was enchanting and I was under the spell.  Liz was my girl!
And then Liz was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She bravely fought it for years and I rooted for her in every way.  She was so open and honest about her struggles.  So much so that in 1998 she wrote a really great memoir called No Time To Die.  Which I would highly recommend picking up, especially if you have read Grace.  She ultimately died in April of 1999 at the age of 51.  Too young.  And thus ended a most creative and inspiring period of fashion magazines, in my opinion. 

And to me, nothing seemed quite the same.  Certainly not at Bazaar, where Kate Betts (formerly News Director of Vogue) took over as Editor-In-Chief and changed everything, including the Bazaar logo (!), so much so that it felt like some weird publication that seemed to slant to a very young crowd.  I like Kate Betts, but it was just an ill fit.  But honestly, no magazine felt the same, the models all but disappeared from covers, the celebrity culture took over and the fantasy seemed to be pushed to the background.  It makes me sound old, but I do miss those days.

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