Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Review - "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo (#41 - 2015)

I was eager to get my hands on this book after hearing all the hype.  I also love a book about organization.  First, let me start by saying, this was translated from Japanese, so sometimes it reads a bit weird (and the word "tidy" is used so much you will want to scream).  Second, this is not new information, the thing is she just presents it in a different way.  She gets a bit extreme in her purging, a little too extreme for my taste (I would not throw away as much paperwork as she suggests).  For example, in our move back to our house we lived in 8 years ago, we discovered the refrigerator we bought when we moved into the house was on the fritz.  I did some research and it turns out our model was involved in a class action lawsuit and recall.  So seeing as I had kept all of the proof of purchase information paperwork, it made the process go a lot faster when I had to speak with customer service.  If I had chucked as much as she suggests, the process would have been so much harder and time consuming.  That being said, since I was reading this while unpacking endless boxes after the move, it did help me let go of things.  Boxes and boxes of things.  So I will give her credit for motivating me to do that (I'm wondering if I would have been so motivated by the book if I had to dig stuff out of places to do the decluttering? Really not sure.).  The bottom line is, pick it up if you are in need of decluttering inspiration/in the mood to get rid of stuff/moving/need a different way to help with getting rid of things.  Otherwise, don't get wrapped up in the hype.

This is the last book I read in 2015, making a total of 41 books read in 2015.  I didn't get to my goal of 50 set back in this post, but I'll cut myself a break since we moved and that took up so much of my time and energy.  So far I haven't finished one book this year!  I have such a big stack to read and I've just not been in the mood.  Such is life.  Don't worry I'll still be posting reviews as I finish any I read!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What I Bought - January 2016

Only stuff for the house this month:
1. Python tray (medium) - $58
2. Origami Star (small) - $16
3. Medallion storage ottoman - $83.99 (the quality is really good for the price)
4. Wildon Home console table - $101.99

Total = $259.98

Go forth and shop responsibly!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Bought - December 2015

1.  Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder - $15
2.  Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick - $29
3.  Original Beautyblender - $20
4.  Kate Spade cheetah laptop sleeve - $42 (on sale)
5.  iPad Pro case - $9.95
6.  Round Cubic Zirconia Tennis bracelet - $11 (on sale and had a $20 gift card) - similar
7.  Covet spike stud earrings - $13.98 (on sale) - these are so gorgeous in person
8.  Lush tunic - $25.20 (on sale)
9.  kensie striped drape front cardigan - $44.90 (on sale - I wear this pretty much every day)
10. Trucker plaid top - $22.77 (had a $25 gift card from my FabFitFun box)

1.  Battery storage organizer - $26.99 (how did I ever live without this? It's so great!)
2.  Zola flat weave rug 2'x3' - $28.99 ($19.99 now!)
3.  Dash and Albert woven rug 4'x6' - $112

Total = $401.78

Go forth and shop responsibly!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What I Bought - November 2015

1.  Nike Zoom Fit Mesh sneaker - $63 (on clearance) - in black here
2.  RIFLE PAPER Co. Bobby Pin print - $16.80 (Black Friday discount)
3.  RIFLE PAPER Co. weekly desk pad - $8.40 (Black Friday discount)

Total = $88.20

Go forth and shop responsibly!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book Review - "And the Good News Is..." by Dana Perino (#40 - 2015)

And the Good News Is... by Dana Perino

Dana Perino is a Fox News contributor and was White House Press Secretary in George W. Bush's administration.  As you all know, I love reading memoirs/autobiographies/biographies and this one was a good, quick read.  We are about the same age so that was an added bonus for me.  She talks about her childhood in Wyoming and Colorado and her unlikely journey towards working in the White House.  What I really liked was her honesty, her straightforward talk and she gives some pretty solid career advice.  Overall, I'd recommend this one!  Here's one of my favorite takeaways from the book:

*note:  I'm so not on track to get my goal of 50 books read this year, the move threw me off.  I'm probably only going to get to 42 or 43.  Oh well...

Monday, November 2, 2015

What I Bought - August, September, October 2015

With the chaos of the move, I've not been doing my usual "What I Bought" posts for the past three months.  It really hasn't been necessary either, because I haven't bought one thing for myself.  Nada.
Endless Plume wall art (it looks like a pretty zero)

We've had so much to do with the house and not just small stuff, but big, expensive stuff.  So as much as my inner child wants to buy, buy, buy, it's just not going to happen. Priorities.  Being an adult is a bummer sometimes.  What do you want for your birthday and Christmas Jenny?  A new roof!  Sigh.  The good news about all of this moving stuff is that I have decluttered like a fiend.  I mean it got hardcore.  I have shredded and thrown away bags and bags papers that are no longer needed. I donated about a third of our kitchen items and half of our books.  I figured if we had forgotten about it/haven't needed it in the 4 years it was in storage, then it really wasn't necessary so off it went.  A little more on this process in a book review later. For the first time in my life there are lots of empty drawers and empty spaces. I don't feel the need to fill those spaces with "stuff".  Now we do need a few things for the house (heart set on this console, these nightstands, this coffee table, side tables and we need a few bookcases) but there's no hurry, no sense of urgency. You can keep track of my ongoing wish list for the house on this Pinterest board. Never fear, I had to buy a few things yesterday so I will have a post for November ;)  Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Book Review - "The Underwriting" by Michelle Miller (#39 - 2015)

The Underwriting by Michelle Miller

Strange book, not in a bad way, more in a does-this-stuff-really-happen? way.  It's about a group of bankers who have been recruited to do a 14 billion dollar IPO for a hugely popular app. It's a dating app (much like Tinder) that has over 500 million users.  The characters involved are interesting (to say the least and also I'm being nice) and the stakes are high for each of them that this IPO needs to be successful.  A murder happens and the aftermath may just destroy them all.  The book is being touted as a thrilling/humorous satire.  Satire? Yes.  Humorous/thrilling?  Nope.  And then it ends in sort of a cliffhanger/set up for the next part coming in 2016 (eye roll).  Bottom line, is it worth reading? Sure, it's a solid story and I read the whole thing in a day, but be aware there will be a sequel and the author is a bit heavy handed in her point of view (which was a bit of a turn off for me).
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