Friday, September 21, 2012

My Five - Victoria, Victoria Beckham Spring 2013

I started the week with Victoria Beckham and I'm going to end the week with some more Victoria Beckham.  Victoria is VB's lower priced (relatively speaking) dress line and the Spring collection was all about short and flirty.  I loved the purples, prints and just overall vibe.  I could have done without the shoes though (they seemed a little clunky/heavy with some of the dresses, no?).  Anyway, here are my picks and trend takeaways, enjoy!

Trend takeaways:
1. Purple
2. Orange accents
3.  One statement bangle
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  1. i should've looked at the pics first because all i was thinking was clunky shoes, shoes, shoes. ;)

  2. Oh goodness, that polka dot dress! I need it! I totally agree about the shoes, they're too clunky for me!

  3. honestly, i like the shoes a tad bit more than the dresses, lol! but you are right, not the perfect match for the feminine dresses.


  4. I'm with Beck above! Don't love the dresses this season and I'm usually a huge fan.


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