Monday, June 29, 2009

Who put the "twit" in Twitter?

I did! Or at least I did when I first signed up for Twitter a couple of months ago. Yep, I finally caved. I totally fought it and fought it, not really understanding the point - what did I care what Ashton Kutcher was doing? And how would I use it? Well one day I got a wild hair and joined, no reason, just did. I started following the most random mix of people/places/things, seriously talk about ADD. I'm talking everyone from Kim Kardashian and her Mom (why?) to Lauren Conrad to Ryan Seacrest to Lady Gaga, etc. Surprisingly - ha - every time I logged on to see what was going on, it usually was so mind numbing that I quickly navigated away.

One day I had a moment of clarity (which are few and far between these days) and decided that instead of following all this crap, I would focus on what I was really interested in and go after people/things that would give me relevant and helpful information. AH HA! That's it! So I deleted all those pointless for my needs - though I'm sure they are lovely - people (except for Spencer and Heidi - you two need some help) and started following who and what I really like.

Sure, I still follow Ryan Seacrest and some other celebs, but mostly I focus on design, fashion, furniture and hospitality companies and people. I now love to log on and check out what's being talked about. It's turned into a very valuable tool. I'm still getting the hang of posting what I'm doing - which these days isn't much - but I'm getting better and I actually have some followers. You can check out my Twitter feed on the right hand side of the blog here. Or you can look me up at

My point in all this rambling is that Twitter can be used to your advantage, but make sure you focus. That's the key. Sure add some fun people in there, but make sure your mix is more topic oriented, then it just doesn't seem like a lot of "information static".

Happy Tweeting!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I want these!

I would like to add the following glasses to my growing list of things that I want to furnish my imaginary beach house with. These Coral Motif Drinking glasses by Egizia are so lovely. Ahhhh...

Hiball Drinking Glass - $36

Old Fashion Drinking Glass - $36

Both are available here.

Images via Barneys New York

Friday, June 26, 2009

Home Shopping Fun!

Nate Berkus is on HSN this weekend and there are some nice things in his collection. Check Program Guide for times. Meanwhile here are a few of my picks:

Handcrafted Orbit table lamp - $129.95
Grand Bazaar set of 2 Euro Shams - $39.95 on clearance

Suzani Decorative Print Pillow set of 2 - $19 on clearance

Images via HSN

Amazing Hotel Alert!

The Algonquin Hotel in NYC recently had a facelift and I think the guestrooms are delightful. The Algonquin has such a rich history (it was the birthplace of New Yorker magazine) who wouldn't want to check in? As an added bonus, they have a resident feline named Matilda who makes everyone feel right at home - she's so popular you can even drop her an email! (my cats are so old school) Check out some pictures below:

Matilda (what a cutie!)

The renovation was done by Champalimaud Design.

Images via The Algonquin Hotel

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nice work Michelle Tanner!

I was browsing around doing some "shopping" online - I use quotations because I'm pretending I can afford to shop mindlessly, when in fact my current state of "lock down" forbids this. Grrrr. Oh well, back to the point of this post, I ran across a nice surprise on Neiman Marcus's site. A couple of really cute pairs of shoes from Elizabeth and James. Yes THAT Elizabeth and James - designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I hate to admit, but their stuff isn't bad at all. Uncle Jesse would be proud!

Gathered Peep-Toe d'Orsay $270 - here

Ruched Button Pump $325 - here

Images via Neiman Marcus

Amazing Hotel Alert!

I was flipping through one of the recent Elle Decor magazines my Mom brought during her stay here last week, and they were highlighting Athens, Greece (you know their regular feature that highlights were to stay, eat and shop for a different city each month). Well, right there in the opening was a picture of the Hotel Grande Bretagne. It just happened that my hubby and I stayed there during our trip to Athens 2 years ago. And let me tell you that is the fanciest, most luxurious hotel I had ever had the pleasure of resting my head. It's a landmark in Athens built in the 1800's and many a famous head of state and celebrity have stayed there too. In fact when we were there some foreign dignitary was also there for a couple of nights and we had to go through metal detectors they had set up at the entrance, just to get inside. The rooms are opulent, the lobby is stunning, but the absolute highlight of the hotel is it's open air restaurant with a stunning view of the Acropolis. It is where you want to be at sunset seeing everything transition from day to night - one of my most treasured memories of that trip.

Here are some pictures from the hotel's website:


Pool on the roof

Open air restaurant views

Here are some pictures that I took from our stay:

Our room


Custom rugs with their monogram near the elevator banks - I just love that dusty purple "B"

It truly is an amazing hotel with a rich history in an equally amazing city!

Images via Hotel Grande Bretagne and me.

BMW GINA light visionary model concept car

As a textile designer (who designed automotive fabric for, like, 15 minutes) I find this completely fascinating. It has stayed in my head for about a year now and I still think it's so cool!

Image via Designboom

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I want this!

For some reason I've been very interested in the idea of beanbags lately. Maybe it's because I'm spending so much time on the floor with the little one and boy it would be nice to have something that she and I can lounge on without too much fuss. Not something like the beanbags from the past, but something really stylish and fun! Here are some of my favorites:

First from FATBOY:



"Koi Koi"


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 years and counting...

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I'm a HUGE SpongeBob SquarePants fan. I have watched on and off since day one. Well this year marks the 10th anniversary of Mr. SquarePants and Nickelodeon is marking the occasion with the Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash beginning 7/17 at 8pm - all weekend long nothing but that lovable yellow sponge. You can even get in on the action by voting for your 10 favorite episodes! I'll be glued to the tube!
Image via Nickelodeon

Monday, June 22, 2009

I want this!

I just love this Wood Grain rug from Land of Nod. I love that it's sort of realistic and sort of cartoonish at the same time. Sure it's meant for a child's room or playroom, but I love the idea of it in a more grown up setting. It's handwoven 100% New Zealand wool and it's on sale right now. If I only weren't moving soon I would snap one up!
Image via Land of Nod

This is great!

How fun! Loomstate has designed organic Keds sneakers exclusively for Barneys New York CO-OP. They are really cute! My favorite is the bird pattern. All are $75 you can find them here.

Images via Barneys New York

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is great!

How cool is this chair from JANUS et Cie? The die cuts in the chair create the illusion of trees in a forest - offered in a variety of colors, they are powder coated aluminum and can be used indoors or out. It's appropriately called The Forest Armchair. You can find more info in the armchair section of the CAFE JANUS. Love it!
Images via JANUS et Cie

Where am I?

Okay, okay, I've totally been missing in action for the past week. In my defense, I've been completely overwhelmed. Between a day trip (with the 1 year old) to Augusta last Tuesday, my Mother coming into town for a visit last Wednesday, day trip (again with 1 year old) to Atlanta Thursday - more on that later - and then my daughter's first Birthday party Saturday, I'm beat. I barely checked my emails. So I promise I'll be better this week (Mom and hubby leave tomorrow morning)! I did miss you, I swear!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I want this!

I'm really digging these nesting tables from PBteen (OMG!). I'm always on the lookout for good bedside table options and these are great!
Image via PBteen

Friday, June 12, 2009

What a lovely surprise!

Reem Acra dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, vintage belt.

These lovely images (I picked my favorites) are from InStyle magazine's July 2009 issue. They are of actress Marion Cotillard shot on location in Morocco by photographer David Slijper and styled by Isabel Dupre. How beautiful! In fact the whole July issue is pretty darn good. The images aren't online yet so that's why I had to scan them - not the best job, but I try. Enjoy!

Dior gown, John Galliano booties

John Galliano dress

Giambattista Valli gown

Jason Wu dress, John Galliano booties (mentioned in my previous post)

Images scanned from InStyle magazine July 2009

I should hate these

I really should! I look at these shoes and my ankles ache and my body stiffens just thinking about navigating a corner. But darn it - I LOVE them. They are beyond the beyond. Of course they are from John Galliano - his Russian inspired Fall 2009 RTW.
*Another version of the shoe is featured on actress Marion Cotillard in July's InStyle magazine(the images aren't on the website yet, so I'll scan and post because they are outstanding - Isabel Dupre styled the shoot).
Just a side note - wasn't that Isabel Dupre that came over to help Kelly Bensimon "clean out" her closet on the RHONY lost footage episode?
Image via

So right now

I opened this email up from Tory Burch today and there is something about this handbag that seems so right. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it sort of sums up everything I really like at the moment. I love the colors, the pattern, the structured yet slouchy shape and the little touches of embellishment. Very nice.

Image via Tory Burch

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I want this!

I have to have this t-shirt (like I need one more t-shirt), not only is it funny, but it's a lobster - check that, it's a "lobsta". It was designed by Ian Haisley for Brooklyn Industries Chicago t-shirt design contest. Unfortunately it's all sold out - how cruel for this crustacean loving girl. Meanies!
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