Monday, September 10, 2012

Capture The Color!

I was so excited when Melinda over at C'est ma vie! nominated me to participate in Travel Supermarket's Capture the Color contest.  The challenge is to post five photos, each featuring one of the following colors: blue, green, yellow, white, red.  Each photo should include a caption featuring sensory memories.  Unfortunately, I'm a little late with my post (shocker) and the contest is over now, but I still wanted to share my pictures.  Color is one of my passions, I love studying it, how colors interact and what feelings certain colors can bring.  Here are my pictures!
Green!  This is a Ginkgo tree at Augusta State University.  We were out for a family walk on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  The campus was quiet and my girl was having a great time!
Yellow!  (and orange) This is one of my girl's infamous self portraits via the iPad or iPod Touch.  She loves doing these and they are always hilarious - basically I find these when I pick up the device later and find all these pictures of her that she's snapped.  I love how her red hair really does look like fire in this shot.
Red!  This is from the Ralph Rucci exhibit I visited  over the Summer.  I love this dress, it's so structured and not the least bit stuffy or stiff.  The gallery was so quiet and peaceful.

White!  This is the stunning view from my best friend's back deck in the mountains of NC.  I love how the clouds were  just rolling across the sky.  Fluffy and flat all at the same time!
Blue!  Though it looks more blue/green here.  This was the pool at the condo we were staying at on our vacation to Hilton Head, SC.  It was so hot the afternoon I took this picture.
Thanks again to Melinda for the nomination!   Head over and check out her post with her stunning photos!


  1. These are such pretty photos, I especially love the blue water shot! So calming.

  2. Beautiful, photos, Jenny! I especially LOVE your girl's self portrait - fabulous! What a cute little redhead! Wasn't this a fun project?

  3. love the pic of your girls hair! My little sister has red hair, so I'm partial!! and thanks for your comments

  4. haha, love the pic of your daughter! my daughter does the same! every time i ask her to take photos for me, i ALWAYS find a few of her in there!



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