About Me

Hi, my name is Jenny and welcome to my slice of the blogosphere! 

I'm a textile designer/stylist, trend tracker, and color expert with over a decade of experience in the residential, hospitality, healthcare, office and automotive markets.  I specialize in woven jacquard and dobby fabrics (not much print experience, though I did work for a well known print house).  Basically, I know way more about fabric than a person should!  I have two degrees, one in Textile Technology and the other in Textile and Apparel Management. 

I wanted to be a fashion designer for as long as I can remember, and quickly discovered (after my first pattern making class) that it just wasn't my passion.  Instead, I enjoy putting outfits together and creating a "look".  I love creating color stories and assembling collections.  As a designer, my goal is to create order out of all the chaos of what is out there.  Boiling down all that information that bombards us into clearer trends and categories and translating that for the customer.

I started this blog while I was a stay-at-home Mom after my daughter was born. I wanted a creative outlet and also to share what trends, colors, and fashions that inspire me.  I'll even pop in with an outfit post or two!  I want to mix inspiration with a dash of aspiration!

I hope you enjoy what you see, thanks for stopping by!

I always love hearing from my readers -  jrspry1@gmail.com !
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