Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday 3-20-2013

I only documented one outfit this past week - bad, bad blogger.  But at least it was a good one:

White Tee - Target
Printed Jeans - Coldwater Creek
Shoes - Minnetonka
Clutch - Target (old)
Bracelet - Mimi Boutique
Nail Color - L'Oreal "Tweet Me"
I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW. Make sure you head over and check out what everyone else is wearing!
pleated poppy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Scary Hair (color) Incident - Garnier Olia Review

I had a few people ask me to share my home hair color horror story, so here goes.  First of all, I just want to say that I really like Garnier products, never had an issue with any of them and I certainly don't want this to be a hate filled rant - but I do hate the Olia hair color product ;o)  Here's why:
Yeah, that's my hair the day after I colored it.  Like I said before, I've been coloring my hair at home for 20+ years and have never seen anything like this.  The aftermath was a weird patchwork of platinum, orange, fire engine red, burgundy and brown.

I always like trying new at home hair color products and when I saw the new Garnier Olia advertised with promises of oil powered color, little odor, etc, I knew that I was going to try it!  So off I went to the store to check out the red options.  There were only a couple in this line (first red flag - no pun intended).  Reds are tough, trust me I know.  I decided on this one:
I opened up the package and was met with this:
Second red flag - the developer wasn't already in the applicator bottle.  This gave me pause, because with most haircolor products the developer is already in the applicator bottle all perfectly pre-measured and ready for the color to be added.  I went ahead and squeezed the developer in the applicator but it was thick and super hard to get out of the tube.  I felt I couldn't get all of it in the applicator, which made me uneasy.  I then added the colorant and shook it up as directed.  It really didn't want to mix.  It was gloopy and splotchy but it finally appeared to be mixed.  I applied it as directed and as I normally do with any at home color.  But I noticed that as the color was running out, the more the mixture appeared to be more developer than color.  Weird.

Tick, tock, tick, tock - time to wash it out.  Took an amazingly long time to get the color out, I've never had so much red left on a towel after washing the color out in my life.  Like a crime scene.  It looked odd, but it was still wet and I decided to let it air dry and see what happened then.  Well, you've seen the results.  I was gobsmacked.  I had no idea WTF happened - or how to fix it.

Long story, short, I decided to go and get Clairol's temporary haircolor with no ammonia in a brown shade to try and tone down the crazy red and even out the blonde/yellow/oranges.  It worked good enough, not great, not perfect, but okay for now.  Luckily reds fade quickly and even after all this time/additional color the Olia is still washing out leaving my towels with a lovely reddish hue when I dry my hair.  Insane.

That all being said, I've seen several people use this brand and love the results, of course they weren't using the red.  Needless to say I won't be using this color ever again. 

As for what I will be using, these are the products that I've been super pleased with and would recommend:

Hands down the best color in my opinion.  They have a ton of shades to choose from.  I've been using it on and off since it came out years ago.  Delivers a gorgeous, vibrant, natural looking color.  Here's how my hair looked after a Feria coloring a few months ago using the color on the box above:
Gorgeous, right?  And delivered exactly the color promised.  This was an Instagram picture so excuse the quality.

Super easy to apply and reliable results.  Not as intense of a red as I like, but delivers a lovely, natural hue.

So there you go.  Have any of you tried Olia yet?  What are your thoughts?  Any other at home haircolor products to you love (or hate)?  Anybody else had a color disaster?  Do tell!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Weekend!

What a crazy past couple of weeks.  Here's a bit of what's been going on.

As everyone knows Google Reader is going bye-bye as of July 1st.  Thanks Google.  Really, I mean thanks for throwing a wrench in my blog reading/organization world.  Jerks.  Anyway, feel free to hop over and follow me on Bloglovin'.  They are making it super easy to import all your Reader info (it takes a minute, seriously).  I also signed up for Feedly to just have another RSS Reader option (they are making it easy to import your Reader info too).

I signed up for Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte!
I'm so excited!  I'm ready to reignite my blogging fire and learn a lot of useful information.  Because, duh, I've been a super slacker blogger lately.  Is anyone else going to be there?  Let me know!

This happened:
I tried a new at-home haircolor and it messed up my hair in the most epic way, I had no less than 4 different colors at random locations around my head.  In over 20 years of coloring my hair at home, nothing like this has ever happened.  And you can tell from the picture how silky smooth my hair was after coloring *ahem*.  I'm debating on doing a post about this, I don't want to be crazy mean to the company, but the issues with this product are multifold.  Would you be interested in reading about it?

And lastly, kudos for PopSugar for taking over Shopstyle and rendering the site virtually impossible to use.  That's why I  haven't been able to do any outfit stuff because I can't create a layout for love or money.  I have emailed, tweeted, DM'ed, screamed, used two computers, a tablet, 3 different browsers and still the site is basically useless to me.  To say I'm angry would be an understatement.  Is anyone else having issues with the site?  It can't just be me.

Boy, I'm all sour grapes today.  Well, it all can't be rainbows and unicorn farts.  On to a better week next week!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Fall 2013 Picks!

Fall 2013 RTW picks on Pinterest
The weeks and weeks of Fall 2013 ready-to-wear presentations are now over and I've combed through every. single. collection.  No lie (I mean I haven't been a good blogger because I've been looking at collections every night - I love it!).  I have finished pinning all of my favorite looks, details, and accessories.  We are talking 1,099 pins.  Wow!  So pop over and take a look at all of my favorites.  I just love seeing them all in one place and I hope you do too!

Have a great weekend!
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