Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Hair Color Fun!

I've mentioned before that due to some belt tightening that happened when I quit my job to be a stay-at-home Mom, I've gone back to coloring my hair at home.  Even though I'm working again, I'm sticking to home hair color for now.  I like to try lots of different brands just so I can see what's out there and if I like it.  There is a seemingly endless supply of new hair color products and options so it makes it exciting and fun!  I thought I would start sharing any new products that I've tried in case any of you out there are home hair color junkies like myself. 

First of all, if you are looking for a major color change, your hair is super long or seriously damaged, you are clumsy, nervous, etc. I encourage you to head to the salon.  A stylist can address these issues better than you can at home.   I had a scary incident about 10 years ago when I actually got a teensy weensy bit of color in my eye - REALLY not good - luckily I think it was mostly watered down and I lucked out, so be very careful.  Don't be tempted to color your eyebrows at home for this very reason. 

Coloring your hair can be a bit time consuming and messy.  So grab an old t-shirt and towel you don't mind getting stained - the color WILL stain everything it comes in contact with so beware - and let's get started.

For this round of home hair color fun I wanted to try one of the new foam options, so I settled on Clairol's Nice N' Easy Color Blend Foam.  Since it's a new product, they didn't have many red shade options, so I settled on this one:
Which was fine, because it's the color gravitate towards anyway.  My first impression was that it was weird, in that I honestly thought you would pump the top and the foam would come out - duh.  But instead you squeeze the bottle and then the foam comes out, which was kind of tricky at first because I didn't know how to squeeze it, put it in my hands, then put it down and put the color on, etc.  Once I got the hang of it, it really was an easy application.  The foam penetrates much easier than non-foam and it was so much easier to get the hairline and back of the head than traditional coloring liquid.  It also didn't drip as much either, which is great.

Here's the resulting color:

It was a really nice color, a little darker than I wanted (I would have liked a brighter shade).  Now, I did this about two months ago and the only drawback to this color is that it faded SO fast.  I know that reds fade quickly anyway, but this one was super quick.  So I would suggest coloring with this product every 4-6 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks.  I'm wondering if the same thing would happen with another foam brand?  I also recommend buying 2 boxes of color if your hair is longer than mine, I used every single drop.

I'm going to use this color again (just bought it today - it was on sale).  I looked at John Frieda's foam and L'oreal's Sublime Foam and neither had an acceptable shade of red - at least not in the store I was in.  I was hoping to try one of those.  I'll try something else in about 6 weeks, so stay tuned!

So do any of you color at home and what brands do you like?

Oh, and I was not compensated in any way shape or form for this post, but if a company wants to send hair color my way - bring it on! ;o)


  1. I can't believe you did that yourself. It looks great lady!

  2. Other than the one time that deciding that I NEEDED to have deep magenta hair in high school. I have yet to ever color my hair. I actually really like my natural hair color but now the grays have not just appeared but are winning the war I need to do something before people mistake me for the kiddo's grandma. LOL

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I have been doing my color for years. I wish I could cut it too. Stylist are too wishy washy for me.

  4. never did try the foam! i usually use the feria...can't remember what brand that is...and for some strange reason, i can NEVER remember the color/name/number!! even if i write it down!!

    great color...i was red for a long time!! then i went back to natural when the minis came along.

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  5. I'm impressed! I think the color turned out great! I've never tried color at home. My mom used to be a hair stylist, so she always did my color for me. But since she moved away, it's been hard to pay for it! Maybe one of these days I'll try to do it myself!

  6. I am so scared of ruining my hair I go to the salon to have mine colored. I only do it about every three months and have it colored my natural color to cover grays and to add some shine.


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