Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Want This For Fall - Trend #1 Snakeskin

Welcome to to the week long series about trends I feel are important for this fall.  I'm starting a day late, so I'll be hitting you with two trends today - stay tuned for the next post a bit later today.

The first trend I'm going to tackle is snakeskin print.  This trend was apparent in Prada's and Gucci's Fall 2011 collections.  If you didn't catch my imaginary conversation between Miucca Prada and Frida Giannini about said trend then go here.  Obviously that stuff is in stores now and since those collections showed in March of this year the trend has gained steam.  While Prada and Gucci focused on brightly colored snakeskin prints, I think the trend has evolved to a more natural palette.  Meaning, it's more how it appears in nature and therefore it makes it much easier to weave into your existing wardrobe.  I would treat it almost like a leopard print - a great accent that can go with most anything.  It's also like leopard in that it comes and goes in popularity (although with me, leopard is always on trend). 

A great way to incorporate this trend in your wardrobe is with accessories - shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.  That way it's not too overwhelming and doesn't cost an arm and leg.  I've assembled a few options in shoes, bags and jewelry all under $150.  If you keep the bag and shoe options clean and simple then they will stand the test of time and you can wear them now, then store them away when the trend feels tired, then pull them out again in a few seasons when it's hot again (and it will be).  Have fun!


  1. Snakeskin was at the top of my list! (Obviously, if you saw my post today :))

  2. Love these!! I want the shoes of course...all of them please ;)

  3. Oooh I am loving the ballet flats you have listed here. And your photo of the purses just reminded me I have this huge blue lizard skin tote from F21 bought years ago. Got to take it out and use it more often may be as a diaper bag!


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