Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Want This For Fall - Trend #4 Plaid Pants

Today we're going to tackle trend #4 in the week long series of trends - plaid pants!  Or maybe I should say - plaid pants?!  Yeah, some plaid pants are scary - the bright, huge plaids in particular - those can veer dangerously into "Herb Tarlek" territory (see below for more info on Herb), also see Tory Burch Fall 2011. I think the key with this trend it to keep the plaid very understated and simple in neutral colors.  Go for a small to mid-scale plaid especially if you don't want to emphasize your lower half (it can get tricky if you are pear-shaped, like myself).  And please don't mix plaids here, with a jacket, etc.  A little plaid goes a long way, unless you are aiming to look like a sofa or the previously mentioned Herb Tarlek.  My suggestion is to stick with a solid color on top.  Have fun!

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

And who is Herb Tarlek?  Well, shame on you for not knowing (just kidding).  Herb (he's the guy in the upper right hand side of the picture above) was a character on the 70's sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati".  He sort of came to embody the slimy sales guy and wore the most garish (even for the 1970's) suits/ties/sportscoats.  Usually very loud plaids that clashed.  His clothes made the character, the costume designer was a genius.  Anyway, I have referenced him and Helen Roper from "Three's Company" a lot in my design career.  Those two characters are a great gauge for that fine line between kitschy and classy.  BTW, it's not always bad to be a Roper or Tarlek if done the right way! 

Here's the WKRP theme song - a song I can't get out of my head because I have to travel to Cincinnati quite frequently.  As soon as I step off the plane it's "Baby, if you've ever wondered..."  I'm sure my coworkers would love me for this - ha!

And a little snippet of the show (from the famous "turkey drop" episode):


  1. I know who Herb is. ;)
    However it does not pay for me to buy slacks because I wont wear them. I do like the short ones!

  2. Omg I remember that show! And I just saw loni Anderson a dew weeks ago. No joke.
    I've got some plaid pants I need to find now!

  3. These are very tasteful slacks. Btw, You inspired me to buy a Belle Noel necklace. I got it today and I Love it!

  4. Love the slacks! I love the pictures :)

    Great blog.


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