Friday, September 30, 2011

I Want This For Fall - Trend #5 Warm Neutrals

Here's the last trend in this week long series about what trends I am feeling for Fall!  This trend is not super specific, it's more about an overall color palette and feeling.  I know the buzz is all about color, color, color but I say put a pin in that until next Spring.  Or at least only use one major color in your outfit and ground it with the warm neutrals.  Use nature as your guide when mixing the neutrals (in fact look to nature as a guide whenever you are at a loss how to mix any colors), here are a couple of inspirational pictures:

Now before you think this is a total gloomfest of a palette, it doesn't have to be.  Pick the warmer neutrals (camel, gold, muted yellows, charcoal grey, mustard, mahogany brown, etc) and steer clear of the cooler neutrals (think of colors that conjure images of snow and ice).  Mix and match and make it fun.  Here are some examples I put together:

You can mix and match any of the above with ease.  The best part of this trend is that you can use your black or brown accessories that you already have with any of the looks.  It doesn't get easier.  Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this trend series and I appreciate you stopping by!  Here's to a fashionable Fall! 

Don't forget that the latest "new-to-me" recipe is up on my Facebook page!  Have a great weekend!


  1. i love neutrals...and where in GA are you? I can't remember if i've asked or not!have the best weekend!

  2. Very nice! Have a good good weekend!

  3. Ooh, these don't look boring at all--they look really cozy! I want to wear the leopard cardi look right now!

  4. I totally got that leopard Old Navy cardi the other day!

  5. I love a lot of these pieces... especially the sweaters!


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