Monday, September 12, 2011

My Five - Victoria Beckham Spring 2012

One side note, I had originally planned kicking off a week long series about what trends I think are important for Fall today, but as usual time got away from me.  I tried to stay away from the computer/news all weekend but especially yesterday (the 9/11 anniversary is tough for me every year, but this year was so hard for a variety of reasons).  So I'm postponing it until next week - stay tuned.  Meanwhile, I'll be playing catch up this week with some backlogged posts.  I'll get my stuff together someday - ha!  I'm not going to jump in with full on Fashion Week coverage right now, I want to put that off a little until it's closer to Spring. 

That being said, I am going to post one collection from Spring right now.  I always kick off my picks from NY fashion week with Victoria Beckham's collection, it's a tradition so to speak, so I figured I would pop in and post my five favorite looks from her Spring 2012 collection shown yesterday.  I wanted to post it because there are looks that apply right now (hello, black leather leggings/legwarmers/boots whatever those are), but also because I think she's nailed the navy/orange combo that I'm feeling will be wonderful for Spring in both fashion (and interiors).  Also really digging the ivory/white neutral mixes as well.  Here are my picks, enjoy!

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  1. I agree with you on the orange and navy... that bag is amazing, too! The last look is gorgeous. Love the flowy with the fitted top. Gorgeous!

  2. Love her designs and I love that she used my favorite neckline on her evening gowns.

  3. Ooh, I do love that orange and navy! And that skirt on that last dress is simply beautiful!

  4. i've been wanting black leather leggings since last year!!! it probably wouldn't get much wear here tho, lol!

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