Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Five - Prada Fall 2011

No outfit post today - it's been one heck of a week here in Spryland.  True confession - I have literally been in sweats for the past week, seriously.  I am a bit overwhelmed with the job search (any advice to make it less daunting?) and with the mountains of pollen we all have been sniffling, coughing and I have battled daily headaches.  It's never good when they tell you to watch out for "pollen drifts", no lie they said this on the news because it's so darn windy.  I'll be back with outfit posts next week when I'm a little more on top of things.  Now on to Prada...

This was a super interesting collection, particuarly the boots, with the trompe d'oeil shoe which I fell in love with.  It had a very 1960's flavor with a dash of 1920's thrown in, and python, lots of python.  Prada always lands in my top 5 every season for inspiration.  So here are my more than 5 picks with many detail shots - swoon.  And at the very end my personal pick from this collection.  Enjoy!


 Loving these color combinations:

 Ahhhh, the boots/shoes - gorgeous!

 I always find one thing in every collection that I want to own and these boots are my pick - LOVE!

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  1. Pep talk for the job search: first visualize the ideal situation, then articulate it outloud, to yourself and the universe. Next, remember you are a great darn catch! And you have me a reference :o).

  2. I'm seriously dying over those boots!

  3. So sorry about the allergies. I assume you are already taking allergy medicine and it is not helping. :( I have to take one daily otherwise I can't even get dressed from sneezing in the mornings.
    Love love love those boots. What a cool idea to make them look like shoes with knee high socks. They are perfect for skinny legged girls like me. Oh, I wish I could afford them. I bet though there will be look alikes may be come fall from other cheaper brands.

  4. I agree, those color combos are beautiful. I especially love the turquoise and navy with the citrus pops.
    And good luck with the job search--I know you'll find one!!!

  5. Pollen drifts?! That doesn't sound fun. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. i want me some of dem boots! just love how they fit like a glove!! guess you will only find perfection like that on the runway!!

  7. the colors are fantastic - i love "your pick" :)

  8. Sorry your week has been tough! I know that all to well. Sending hugs your way! Good luck with the job search. Stay positive and keep at it. It will work out! Love Prada! Great picks!

  9. Good luck on the job search! Loving the prada looks ... it's kind of how I would imagine Madeline from the children's books to dress if she grew up and became a fashion model hot shot. Tres chic.

  10. Oh no! Hope you all feel better soon! Love all the pretty Prada pics. :)

  11. I love that Prada is doing gloves. #8 is near perfect. Definitely a super-inventive collection.


  12. hey!! thank u so much for your sweet comment! :) great post! Prada was fabulous! :D Im following! follow me:D


  13. I hear you on the sweats. I've been spending my time at home in a set of sinfully soft pajamas from Victoria's Secret. Every. Single. Night. This. Week.

    Don't stress about the job search. Everyone finds something that's a good fit. Visualize it and go for it. :-)

    I'm thrilled to see colorblocking for fall!


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