Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Belle Noel Jewelry - on sale!

In my endless search for all things Kardashian - ha, just kidding, seriously, I know it's been a little heavy on the Kardashian front around here, but I swear it's a coincidence.  Okay, I am protesting a bit too much.  Anyway, I really like the shopping site and as I was poking around the site last week, seeing what was on sale, I ran across some jewelry by Belle Noel that caught my eye because - 1) it was gorgeous and 2) the sale prices are so right!  I clicked through to the whole collection and much to my surprise it was designed by Kim Kardashian in partnership with Pascal Mouwad.  How have I not heard of this (I mean seriously, we hear about everything else they do)?  Here are my picks to click!


  1. These prices are Amazing!! My Favorite is also the resin stone and pave necklace. Very chic!


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