Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

Okay, I'm slowly getting back to "normal" after the move and starting the new job.  I'm not 100% caught up with my online stuff, but I'm getting there.  By the way is anyone else having issues commenting on some blogs?  Some blogs I can comment normally with my Blogger ID, others make me "anonymous" - so bizarre.  I'll chalk it up to Blogger being a super pain these past few weeks because I have no other excuse.  Anyway, here are some outfits I've worn recently.  I wish I could say I've been in real clothes more than yoga pants these past few weeks, but with unpacking and moving I basically lived in the dreaded yoga pants - ha!  Again, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW - click here to see what everyone else wore!
Tunic - Tory Burch
Jeans - Gap (via Platos Closet)
Tank - Target
Wedges - Kors Michael Kors

T-Shirt - Target
Pants - J.Crew
Shoes - Gap
Necklace - Giveaway win from the lovely Ms. Givens over at Trend Wisely (Thank you! It's gorgeous!)

 Here's a close up - the big beads are pink with little beads in between that are a golden color.  This necklace sparkles and shines and I LOVE it!!

 This was the outfit I was wearing when I spent the night at the Atlanta airport.  I took this picture before I left when I was trying to figure out some outfits to wear (so excuse the wrinkled pants and the chopped off head)
Tunic - Michael Kors (sample sale score!)
Tank - Target
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Tory Burch
Necklace - House of Harlow

Top - Old Navy
Jeans - Gap (via Platos Closet)
Shoes - Toms
Necklace - Made by my Mom

T-Shirt - J.Crew
Skirt - Barneys New York
Shoes - Coach
 This skirt is so much fun (and it's lightweight and easy to wear, perfect for today when it's supposed to be around 100 degrees!).  Here is a closeup of the water can print.


  1. I would have been tempted to steal those adorable Tory Burch flats right off your feet! I hope you stayed awake all night protecting your feet at the airport!

  2. Glad to see you getting back into blogging!

  3. Ahhh, Thank you for the mention.
    You look so cute with your hair pulled back and that skirt is adorable.
    Hope all is well. Have a great day!

  4. Lookin' good, darlin'! I'm a huge fan of that tunic!

    (I've been having problems commenting on blogs too. Ugh!)

  5. Ooooo! All of these outfits are Amazing! I just recently bought my first Tory Burch top and I Love it!

  6. LOVE that watering can skirt!! and that tassel necklace is so pretty! i had major probs with blogger, too! so wouldn't log me in, so i couldn't comment unless people allowed anonymous comments.

  7. Glad you linked up today. I know it's been a whirlwind for you lately. You look fabulous though! Love the tunics! The skirt is adorable. Very retro and it! I have noticed that the commenting issues seems to only be (for me anyway) when I use Firefox, if I use another browser (Chrome, Safari) I don't have any issues. My husband being the web guru that he is finally told me to switch browsers after he heard me complain about it.

  8. I'm all about tunics lately... love the look on you. So breezy yet still so put together! Glad things are getting back to normal for you, too!

  9. That tunic is so beautiful. WOW!

  10. Yay, I love it when you do outfit posts! I'm glad things are settling down. I can't believe you moved AND started a new job at the same time!!
    I love all of these--that tunic in the first look is amazing... I think I need one! And that necklace you won is gorgeous!

  11. Love the tribal-ish feel to the first top. You have great style! Glad I found your blog. :)

    xx THE CHEAP


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