Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Take: Chris Benz Resort 2011

Well, if you read my "my Five" post about Chris Benz's Resort collecion, then you already know I was completely smitten with it.  It was a sophisticated mix of color and texture so I absolutely had to pull a look for a "my take": 
Loving the turquoise top with the matching statement necklace paired with a fairly low key, versatile pair of neutral shorts.  A great look to draw inspiration from.  I picked several necklace options so they can be layered or worn alone along with different shirt and shorts options.  Away we go:

Runway image via


  1. LOVE Jenny... Love the necklaces... love the shorts... love the shoes! Love it all!

  2. Love these looks! Just wish I had the legs to pull it off as good! Visit me at or on Twitter as @myskinconcierge Hope to meet you day! Any Events soon?


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