Friday, June 11, 2010

My Take: Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen

In honor of my recent CFDA red carpet favorites (here) - which included Sarah Jessica Parker, who honored the late Lee McQueen - I'm doing a "my take" of a McQueen outfit SJP was seen out and about in. 
Now, my version isn't a literal translation, it's more of an inspired translation.  Trust me I wish I could find, afford and wear that jacket, but hey, that's not in the cards.  So my thought process was to find items that were a bit more realistic for everyone.  I included heels, flats and a couple of bag options depending on the mood.

Image of SJP via The Cut


  1. You accomplished the McQueen look spot on. You budding stylist you! SJP has got that look and I will forever big a huge admirer of her. It's that she not only looks gorgeous on the outside but from I observe of her she's such a genuine person. Great woman to emulate. Jenny my dear you, the Mr. & wee A. have a wonderful, sunny weekend. xx

  2. Love SJP's jacket and shoes. Great inspired outfit!


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