Friday, June 18, 2010

I spy and Happy Weekend!

I was flipping through the latest O Magazine earlier this week and spotted these lovely sandals from Nine West:
I then got my WWD (yep, I get that thanks to a dear friend - but way down here in GA I get them like, a week late, but I'm not complaining) and they showed an image from Marc Jacob's Resort collection and boy the shoes he showed with a few looks had such a similar vibe to the ones above (his are heels though).  Here's a picture, you can't tell too much from it, but trust me the shoes are cousins:

Here is another image from his collection - but just focus on the purse - adorable.

A little yellow - seriously, yellow is really happening - touches here and there.  Anyway, enough of my blah, blah, blah - our "for sale" house is being shown tomorrow and I would seriously appreciate any "please let our house sell" thoughts sent our way.  It's been super stressful!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, see you Monday!!!

Images via Nine West (top) and (bottom 2)


  1. Those sandals are a MUST! Thanks for the share!

  2. hope it sells, hope it sells, hope it sells. Now bounce some of that up here as well! Heck, I just wish it would get shown!

  3. love the first dress, so pretty!

    ~X♥X♥ :)

  4. Prayers going up that that bad boy sells! And yellow luvahs unite!

  5. Sitting here in a yellow top, and couldn't agree more! Great finds/great eye!


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