Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Five - Tory Burch Resort 2011

Okay, so I could only scrounge up three looks that I could even wrap my head around (full collection/mess here).  I wouldn't have even bothered, but I do really like Tory Burch's clothes.  Is it just me, or does every recent showing of hers just feel like everything is just piled on and/or weird shoes are used (here and here)?  I cannot relate to any of the outfits, however, seeing them in individual pieces later, they make more sense to me.  Maybe her styling team just overstyles it all to appeal to a younger demographic?  I don't know.  Any thoughts?  I am a loyal TB customer, but her shows are killing me - this one made me cringe.  Here you go:
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  1. TB also! Guess I will just have to wait to see what shows up on her site, usually I can find at LEAST 10 pieces I want to own.

  2. Oh me too! I'm just having issues with the runway styling, I want it to be like when she started. Clean, easy to understand looks, I think I still have some lookbooks from back when...


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