Monday, June 14, 2010

My Take: Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2011

See my five favorite looks from this collection here, but I saved out one look for a "my take".  I picked this one out because I found it interesting as well as very wearable and simple. 
Now this one may be a bit tricky if you (like me) have a fear of mixing red and purple.  Look, I know how lovely they look together, but I always feel really flashy if I try it.  But with just the belt and shoes being purple it might be a bit easier for those of us that are kind of scared.  I didn't even attempt the black turban/hat, I'm not going there :o)  Anyway, here's what I put together:

YSL Image via


  1. Loving the red and purple together!

  2. i love your take on the ysl dress! (i think its cuter than the original!) haha!



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