Monday, June 28, 2010

My Take: January Jones gingham greatness

When I saw this picture of January Jones on the lovely Katie's The NEO-traditionalist blog, I knew right away I wanted to tackle it for a "my take".  Note it features black gingham, a pattern we've seen before via a my take on Chanel Resort - I'm going to go ahead and use the same shirt (also used in a "my take" DVF Resort look - this is one versatile shirt. 

January Jones image via The NEO-Traditionalist


  1. you nailed Jenny & I'm with Jill, loving the TOMS. I bought Em a pair of metallic silver ones, & she loves them. I love that you do something good by buying them! Hoping you three had a lovely weekend. Went wayyyy too fast x

  2. Ummm I think I need to run out and buy everything you included here! AMAZING! Isn't Jones fantastic? So stylish yet with an edge.

    xx Katie


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