Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Goals for 2011 and Revisting 2010's Goals

Karlie Kloss at Chanel Spring 2011

So it's about halfway through January and I'm just getting around to getting my list of goals together for this year - ha!  Truth is I've been working on a meaningful list for about a month now, I won't share the whole darn thing here, but I will share some highlights. 

1. Update the resume!  Now this is a biggie, I've got to take the skill set I had as a Textile Designer and translate that into a Paralegal.  This will have to be finished by mid-February at the latest - eek!

2.  Get a (paying) job!?!?  Being a stay-at-home Mom has been wonderful, I'm so happy and grateful that I was able to do this for almost 3 years.  Trust me, being a SAHM is the hardest job I've ever had, but it's time for the next chapter to begin.

3.  Exercise more and tone back up.  This is a total necessity at the moment.  I was on the right track last summer, but having a more and more active toddler and trying to work out at home was not working at all.  I really need to work out outside of the home (without a 2 year old trying to break the Wii balance board and remote - seriously she tried soooo hard).  So I've already signed up with some other ladies in my MOPS group to do the local "Team Lean" at the YMCA.  It's 12 weeks of weekly weigh-ins and you can use the Y (and their fab childcare) anytime you want for a reasonable rate.  I'm getting really excited and will keep you posted about how things are going. 

4.  Continue making the blog better and better.  I've been trying to figure out what direction I want this blog to go in and what series I want to have to make it better.  I would love to build up the readership and make this a place that is helpful and inspirational.  I'll be bringing you all my first outfit post this Friday.  Now, I don't have any fancy backdrops or professional photog skills, but it's a first step.

That's all for right now, these seem to be the most pressing and exciting goals, the ones I'm ready to tackle in earnest.  While we are on the whole "goal" topic, let's revisit last year's goal list and see how I did.

1. Get a new hairdo - sometime after I left NYC and had a baby, my hair became a hot mess that I basically scrape off my head into a ponytail or bun daily. My hubby is over it and I'm over it too. Time to change and feel "normal" again!  Got a major haircut in April but then totally slacked off until this past Wednesday.  So I guess I did and then didn't and then did - lol!

2. Do more meal planning. It honestly works. Not only does it help trim the food budget, but it takes the guesswork out of “what’s for dinner tonight?” My friend CSO over at Junius and Pippi Take the Cake My Convertible Life has tracked her meal planning for a year now, it’s an inspiring read and I’m so proud of her!  Yes, yes and yes!  I meal planned the crap out of this year.  We rarely ate out and I couponed to the tune of saving around $20 each shopping trip!  There is always room for improvement in this area to chop the budget down even more though!

3. Figure out/rework my desired career path. For example, I would love to intern/work for an Interior Designer (commercial or residential). I’ve always been interested in what they do and how they do it. Also would like to take a professional organizing class or two. (this is my main goal for 2010)  Yes!  Hello, totally not what I imagined, but Paralegal seems to fit my skill set nicely.  I'm basically halfway through school now and am excited for the next phase!  I'm still wanting to take some professional organizing classes...

4. Stop complaining. I’m so bad about being a grouch about little things and I need to change that. (if my hubby is reading this he’s probably thinking that me not complaining would be like a bird not flying – LOL!) Getting better, but not quite there yet!

5. Mean what I say and say what I mean.  Still working on that too - lol!

6. Purge, purge, purge. I’ve already started this with the little one’s stuff that she has outgrown and won’t use anymore. My closet needs to be tackled and our books need to be gone through. I just want a more streamlined house full of things that are meaningful, this will make our move easier for sure. Check!  Totally have made a huge dent in all the baby stuff and clothes, that stuff is GONE!  Her closet is streamlined and functional.  I know what she has and what she needs.  I'm also working on my closet and hope to work on my hubby's closet too in the near future.  I'm also compiling a master list of what items need to be added to my closet throughout next year.  I'll be sharing that in the next few weeks.

7. Figure out how to make my blog look and be better. I’ve honestly hit my technological limit as to what I can do, so I need to get some help. Any suggestions about classes, etc?  In progress, working on goals and mission statement (pretty much done).  I'm going to concentrate on this more in the Spring when school is finished.

8. Work on getting more “me” time – which has been really difficult since the little one came along. I’ve thrown myself 100% into being a Mommy and have let other things slide (see goal #1). This includes finding and joining a gym (with childcare).  Yep!  Little one is in Mother's Day Out two days a week, I'm in school and getting out more on my own.  Could be better, but it's 100% better than last year :o)

9. Work on my focus, I’m so not good at being focused. I’m all over the place most of the time.  Better, but still needing work.

10. Finish up my Greece scrapbook (from our 2007 trip), get caught up on the little one’s memory book. I have the supplies, I just need to assemble.  Whoops, totally dropped the ball on this one.  I know where the stuff is I just need to carve out a Sunday to work on it.  Put it back on the list.

Thanks for reading this very long and totally self-indulgent post! 

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  1. I always love hearing what people are working on and how they are doing on them... makes me realize we are all human! No one is perfect.

    You have great goals and you did awesome completing a lot of your goals from 2010 - so, way to go!

  2. Totally impressed with your goals for the year. Writing them down is a strong indication that you'll follow through and reach them. I've found that if I take the one I LEAST want to do and do it, it's a great jump start to tackle the rest.

    Keep us up with how things are going. Love your blog and your style!

    -xoxo Noe
    Adella Avenue

  3. I complain about little things too.

  4. I love this post, and your goals for this year AND last year. I'm with you. I reeaaaallly want to build up my readership as well, and feel stumped honestly so many times. I see other blogs and wonder - how they hell did they acquire 400+ readers in 6 months, and I've been doing this for a year and a half and struggle to reach 160?!!! If you figure it out, let me know!

    I've also been meaning to thank you for your comments on my blog. I have read several and think - man, we are a lot alike - too bad we don't live in the same city! It seems like we're going through some of the same stuff, and it's always nice to know that you're not alone out there, isn't it?!

    Anyhoo, just keep doing what you're doing woman - I appreciate it!


  5. I love your list! I have to read the blog on meal planning - sounds right up my alley!! Your YMCA workouts sound exciting - can't wait to hear more about that.

    Looking forward to Friday's outfit post!

  6. Great goals! I need to get better at meal planning--and not forgetting to take things out of the freezer.

  7. Great list of goals! I need to be organized enough to even do this lol.

  8. Wow, I think you did a great job meeting your last years goals! And I've got very similar ones for next year! (Improve my blog? Yes! Get a [full-time] job? Yes!)

  9. Hooray for meal-planning! And good luck with all the new goals -- I really need to set some for myself. Looking forward to pics of your new 'do.


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