Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uniform Dressing 5:3

This is the last hurrah for the good ol' black blazer (week 1 and week 2 posts).  I did break down and use jeans again for the first look - I was so inspired by the new Gap images!  I hope that you found some inspiration about how to incorporate a black blazer into your wardrobe.  I know it's made me think of different ways to wear one.  Check back next week for a new uniform for February.  Enjoy!


  1. Two things I never tire of, leopard and striped tops, well maybe 4 things; let's throw in black and gold for the heck of it. You need to dress America Jenny!!

    You picked killer pumps too. ♥

  2. Love the green pendant and that blonde chicks hair!

  3. I love them all! I am also obsessed with striped shirts these days. I have a grey and white one that I could wear every day. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. That first look is my absolute favorite. I love stripes with leopard, and blazers with jeans, and all together it looks gorgeous!

  5. Totally inspired by the third combo cause I own that exact sweaterdress from F21 and coral heels. I never thought of them together cause one is a winter the other is a spring purchase but it makes sense with the colors. Thank you.


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