Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Uniform Dressing 5:1

Yay, Uniform Dressing is back!  For the rest of the month I will tackle the black blazer, it's a great staple to have in your closet.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit I never owned one until this past Spring (I know, I know).  Being a "creative type" in a "creative career", I always felt that suits, more specifically, suits that weren't patterned or textured, just weren't very interesting.  But trust me, a black blazer can be very interesting and totally versatile (I only wish I had been open to the possibilities earlier)!  This week I'm going to tackle the classic black blazer/jeans combo.  There are a million ways to work this look, here are just three ways I styled it up.  Enjoy!

On a side note, check out the blog post Vera Wang recently wrote about her "uniform"!  Love her!


  1. You are so good at this.
    The Black blazer is like the LBD, its a must have!

  2. loving look #02. casual and chic!

  3. Love look #3 - it's got "Girls night out" written all over it!

  4. I dont think ive ever had a black blazer either!

  5. Yay, these are my favorites! And the second look is so French-chic, I love it! It makes me want to break out my blazer right now!

  6. This is a great pick! A blazer is my go to item - I love how you styled it!


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