Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uniform Dressing 2:2

Welcome to week two of the jeans and t-shirt uniform (check out week 1 here).  This time I paired them with cardigans, one dressed up and one dressed down.  Remember nothing in this month's series costs more than $50!

*note* I've been reviewing the NY Spring 2011 collections and the orange sweater in the first look will carry over into spring.  The color is spot on, with a vintage vibe.  Visualizing these color combos:
It will be interesting if we see similar colors in London, Milan and Paris...


  1. I love those Minnetonka's!

    follow me.......

  2. I love all the colors!! Especially the first cardigan!

  3. I'm big on layering so cardigans really factor into my wardrobe in a big way.

  4. Love this series ... almost as much as I'm loving that first orange cardigan. You're right, it'll be perfect for spring.

  5. I can't decide what I like better, the orange cardi look (that color is so hot!) or the sophisticated black and gray one. LOVE what you do with jeans and a tee. Uniform dressing posts are my fave!

  6. Cant beat JCrew t's! Wore one today :)


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