Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yes, I love toile

I'm not that traditional in my "decorating" but I do love a hit of toile here and there, just not too much.  I mean not the walls, drapes, bedding, etc.  That's a bit much for me.  But a touch here and there, that's just about right.  Traditional Home has a whole slideshow with images of decorating with toile and these two pictures seem to illustrate the "right" amount of toile for me.

A nice upholstered headboard.

Maybe a fun lighting fixture?  That would work.

To tell the truth, I never gave toile much of a thought until I worked for a well known printed fabric company. Only then did I realize how intricate they were (or could be) and the stories each different toile told.  Now I have a much deeper appreciation for them and enjoy having them around the house.  Trust me there's a toile for everyone, if you haven't found yours keep on looking.

Images via Traditional Home


  1. I love the toile light fixtures. For the very first time I have toile in our home in the form of wallpaper. Never thought it would be for me, but boy have I changed my tune. Big fan of Sheila Bridges Harlem toile.
    Happy December to you. Hoping all is well this week DG?

  2. I'm quite into those light fixtures. Toile is usually my Mom's domain, but those would be a such a fun unexpected touch in my home!


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