Thursday, December 10, 2009

Icon or Inspiration?

Yesterday, Paloma over at La Dolce Vita (lovely blog, check it out if you haven't already) had a post posing the question - Olivia Palermo: Style Icon? with lots of photos of Ms. Palermo and her amazing outfits.  I watched the first season of The City and I have to say I was very taken with how the socialite dressed, really put together with amazing accessories.  However, I was totally put off by her "mean girl" persona.  While I can't say she's like that in real life - God knows The City isn't "real life" - it did taint the way I viewed her.  If I remove the way she is on the show and just look objectively at her pictures, then yes, she is quite the stylish young lady.  Icon?  Maybe not just yet.  Inspiration?  Most certainly!  Here are a few of my favorite looks:

 Images via La Dolce Vita


  1. It's hard to look at the clothes when I'm so focused on that damned smug and snotty insolent looking face she's wearing.

  2. I think Olivia is gorgeous and always looks great. Personality (and who knows what she's really like) aside she has great style.

  3. She's a complete wench. Enjoy my intervention back in February. Something had to be done.

  4. She does have a killer sense of style...but that 'tude. Ugh. I hope it's fabricated for the cameras!


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