Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods - SNL's take

I haven't watched SNL in years, but I saw this clip from this past Saturday's episode and they pretty much nailed this whole Tiger thing.  For those that didn't see it, I thought I would share.  Everyone needs a good laugh on Monday morning (especially us people with colds).  Enjoy!


  1. I love starting Mondays off with a giggle. This is priceless. I feel so stupid. I had his back & thought that the media should leave him alone..blah..blah.blah. Then to find out that he had it coming. I don't know a thing about his wife but I think that's why I like her. She's not a media junky & she apparently has enough moxie to let him have it. Can you imagine how it'd feel to find that he's had several mistresses and she has two little ones. UGH..."I "could take a golf club to him. Be well you & litle Missy. Sending lots of get well wishes. xx

  2. I laughed till my guts ached. This was hysterical.


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