Sunday, December 13, 2009

(Felt) Rock On!

I am really into felt rocks these days for some odd reason.  They are just wads of wool felted down to make these rock-looking knick knacks, but I think they are very cool.  What is felting you may ask?  Well, if you've ever washed and/or dried a 100% wool sweater, then you have experienced felting.  Felting can be done a number of ways, none of which I will bore you with here.  A few companies are doing them, here are a couple. 

First up Ronel Jordaan Textiles, they make very large and very small ones (the latter can be pieced together and used as rugs, which are very cool). Their "rocks" are quite realistic looking, which is probably very hard to do and labor intensive.

Then there's Molo Design, their rocks aren't as realistic and seem to serve only as decoration and novelty.  Still, they are cool (and pricey).

I found a few examples on Etsy which are more in my price range:

Of course I could always turn to my fiber artist BFF and see if she could make me a few (see her felting work here).  Ah, the choices.

Images via Ronel Jordaan Textiles (top 3), Molo Design (middle 2) and Etsy (bottom 2)

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