Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I Bought - December 2013

Well, I ended this year on a bang with the spending.  I hit a lot of after Christmas sales and got some great deals.  I mixed a few needs with a couple of wants.  So here we go:
1. Vera Bradley East West tote  - $20.25 (sale plus 25% off promo)
2. J.Crew Factory tiny dot tee - $16.73 (including tax and shipping)
3. Vera Bradley laptop backpack - $40.88 (sale plus 25% off promo)
4. Emilio Pucci sunglasses - $45 (at Off Fifth on sale)
5. Vera Bradley market tote - $10
6. J.Crew Tartine metallic mini-satchel - $193.10 (including tax) no longer available pebbled leather version here
7. Adidas Dragon sneakers - $56.15 (including tax)
8. Havaianas flip flops - $12.99 (at Nordstrom Rack)
9. Anthropologie gold monogram mug - $8 (on sale) no longer available online but non-metallic version here
10. Vera Bradley lanyard - $12
11. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case - $18 (via Poshmark) similar here and here

Total = $433.10
- $18 Poshmark credit
Total spent out of pocket = $415.10

Wow!  I spent a lot and most of this was purchased after Christmas with all the sales.  I needed new sunglasses, another pair of sneakers, a laptop backpack for work (I've been using my husband's old ugly one) and a new lanyard (I swear by these for my keys, especially since I became a mom).  The purse was purely a "want", I've had my eye on it for a while and when it went on sale then with an extra 40% off plus free shipping, I couldn't resist.  The iPad case was purchased for my daughter, she has an iPad mini with a bulky shockproof case that fits perfectly in my neoprene version of this and found this nylon one at a great price and I could use the credit I had there from sales from my closet - so it was a no brainer.  By the way, I have to say I LOVE these Marc by Marc Jacobs cases, they have a soft furry lining that keeps the tablets super protected when on the go.  Also the Vera Bradley tote, well that was a "want" too, I know Vera gets a bad rap as sort of a preppy, mumsy brand, but I swear once you have a piece it's hard to not love something that's super lightweight, has tons of pockets, is washable and fun.  I have a few bags I've literally worn holes in because I end up using them so much.

Go forth and shop responsibly!
I'm linking up with Budgeting Bloggers over at Franish!

Hey, just for fun let's see how much I've spent in 2013 (well, since I started participating in Budgeting Bloggers in February).

Total Spent Out of Pocket for 2013 (Feb - Dec) = $1,252.68 (which averages $113.88 a month)

February = $40
March = $20
April = $26.48
May = $124.95
June = $56.97
July = $50.16
August = $65.49
September = $126.30
October = $11
November = $316.23
December = $415.10

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