Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY - Souvenir Coin Magnets

Here's a pretty easy DIY that I tackled a few weeks ago. 

If you've ever done any international travel you know that you can end up with a lot of extra coins (the paper money you can cash out at the bank, but the coins, well you are stuck until you or someone you know makes a return trip).  Well, we had a bunch of coins from various places stuffed in a jar, so I culled through them to find the prettiest/shiniest/most interesting.  I then trucked off to Michael's and picked up some round magnets (I got two sizes, since I had some small and larger coins) and some glue that works on metal.  Then all I did was glue the magnets on the backs of the coins, let them dry and then they were ready for hanging stuff on the refrigerator!
It is such a quick and easy project and everyone who sees them loves how they look!  Plus, the coins aren't just hanging around the house as clutter, they are useful souvenirs!  Win - win!!


  1. I love this idea, Jenny! I have a lot of pre-Euro European coins that are just sitting in a jar that I could use for this project. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. What a great idea! I should do that with the hubs' leftover yuan!


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