Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Bought - February 2013

I thought I would start rounding up my clothing purchases on the blog each month.  I love when other bloggers do this, so I thought I would jump in and do it too!  I'm going to hit you with three months over the next three days (and get caught up).  Now, first a little about the "B" word - Budget!  I don't have a set monthly budget for clothes specifically.  I have a very strict food/household goods budget that I stick to.  I'm so militant about staying within my means (nothing is worth the stress of consumer debt).  I don't work outside the home (I work part-time from my home and when I do have to go to the mill I have a company uniform I wear).  So really my needs are slim (meanwhile, my wants are out of control - ha!).  I like to keep things simple and basic and I can't stand a crammed closet.  I generally buy good quality items that I know will last a while.  Therefore, I rarely spend more than $100 a month on clothes/beauty items.  This month was an exception because I won a gift card to Coldwater Creek!  Here's what I got in February:

Top from R to L:
Broken-in straight khakis from Gap - $40 (20% off promotion)
Winter Wonderland cardigan from Coldwater Creek - $49.54 (on sale - no longer available)

Middle R to L:
Indigo Dream ankle jeans from Coldwater Creek - $53.06 (on sale) - LOVE these, so soft!

Castaway shell from Coldwater Creek - $41.96 (on sale - no longer available)
Necklace from Coldwater Creek - $27.99 (on sale - no longer available)

Total = $377.84
-$337.84 (Coldwater Creek gift card)
Grand total spent out of pocket = $40

Go forth and shop responsibly!  
See you tomorrow for March's purchases!


  1. Ooh great picks! Especially loving the colored pants. They are so bright and fun! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at


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