Monday, December 2, 2013

What I Bought - November 2013

I got quite a bit this month, hey it was my birthday month so you go a little nuts, right?
1. Iron Man tee - $10.99 (had a coupon)
2. Old Navy boxers (for PJ's) - $5 each on sale, bought 3 - $15
4.  Regular Show tee- $6.30 (on clearance)
10.  Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara - $6 (with coupon)
11.  Cover Girl Shadow Pen - $6 (with coupon)
12.  Large Z Palette - $20
13.  Green Rose Chafer Beetle paperweight - $14.40 (20% off with sale code)
14.  Jonathan Adler Magnetic Board - $17.60 (20% off with sale code)
15.  Mirrored side table - $60 (on sale and used a $15 gift card) I LOVE this table!

Total spent out of pocket = $316.23
Yikes! Way more than I usually spend.  Some were needs others were wants.  Will do better this month ;)

Go forth and shop responsibly!
I'm linking up with Budgeting Bloggers over at Franish!


  1. I love that nail polish you bought! I've been wanting to try the butter brand!


  2. #6 is a game-changer
    that mascara is one of my faves


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