Friday, October 30, 2009

Southwest Airlines prototype Green airplane

Southwest introduced the prototype at it's media day on 10/21, the main goal of the Boeing 737-700 is to reduce weight by almost 5 lbs per seat, so it saves fuel and reduces emissions.  The plane will serve as a test environment for new recyclable materials and products.  I personally love the InterfaceFLOR* carpet used (great idea, I mean, how often have you gotten on a plane and that center carpet looks like crap, stained and buckled.  With FLOR you can replace the soiled section and it won't look as icky):

Here is a look at some of the new upholstery options from e-Leather and IZIT Leather:

Starting 11/1 Southwest is amping up it's onboard recycling program too.  Good Green news all around!
See entire article here.

*disclaimer - I used to work for Interface so I'm a bit biased about their fab products - but trust me try the carpet tiles and you will love them!

Images via Interior Design

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  1. why couldent their cabin be their regular colors


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