Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm back?!?! Well, not really...

I'm sort of back, but not really.  I'm here in the condo, furniture has been ordered (hubby ordered from Ikea, without my input - grrr, but hey he's the money man so I'll let it slide for now), stuff unpacked, laundry and cleaning still underway.  As I type this hubby is researching internet/TV options, I have a feeling many phone calls are in my future.  I'm grabbing some internet from the neighbors, I'll thank them later.  Anyhoo, I was scrolling through my Google Reader earlier and ran across this photo from Decades, Inc's blog:

Well, I just about fainted - I'll take all of these, thanks.  Oh my gosh, I had to share.  I wonder if Rachel Zoe will rush in and buy one?  Just think, one of these costs more than the furniture he bought today.  What are we gonna do with that furniture when we really do move?  Can't think about that now.  I promise to post more when we get up and running.  Bear with me...

Image via Decades

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  1. I've been hoping your move has been going well. Good to see you're getting settled in.


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