Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess who's going "bye-bye" again?

ME!  Yeah, while our house is still on the market (we need a buyer now, please) we are going to "move" to a condo in the new city.  I've never told the story of my last year, but I won't bore you with the misery now.  Long story short, my hubby and I have been apart for a year now - back and forth on weekends since he got transferred last October.  But me, I've basically been alone with the baby since she was 3 1/2 months old, taking care of the house, pool, etc.  I'm quite literally getting sick of it.  I'm falling apart mentally and physically.  This blog, my Bravo shows, getting hooked on "The Young and the Restless", and my super fabu friends have kept me sane during this fiasco.  So tomorrow I travel to the new "home", then I have to make a detour to NC for an interview - please wish me luck - as well as seeing the family.  So I will be without the internet for a while.  I hope to be back with it sometime late next week, but who knows? 

2009 has been a heck of a year (not in a good way) so I'm taking all of this change as a sign that things are looking up.  Deep, cleansing breaths all around.  Thank you all so much for reading my little blog of random things - heavy on the fashion shows lately.  I really appreciate it!  See you all soon!

Image scan via Vogue October 2009 * I wish I was as leggy and gorgeous as Karlie Kloss in this photo


  1. Good luck, Jenny! I'll be thinking good thoughts!

  2. Same split family story here! Al and I have been living for the weekends since January. All the best of luck for the house and the interview! Let me know If there is anything I can do to help. And remember: That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.

  3. I wish you all the best and then some.

    Congrats on getting the family back together in one place. That's great news indeed.

  4. Listen sucka- I got a little something for you over at my blog. I know yoiu don't have enough on your plate so I figured I'd give you a project. Check it out when you get a moment HA!

  5. I've got your back in so many ways. It 'has' been one hell of a year & yes, not in a good way. I blew my cork last night; hope the bedroom door is still on it's hinges..ha! I wish you great success on your interview. It's incredibly hard to be apart & cannot imagine what it'd be like with a little one. For us it always starts off okay, but then the resentment seeps in. The one left behind (usually me) like you said, gets the day to day maintenance of the home, & all that 'fun' stuff. I am sending good thoughts for you to sell..sell..sell. If I were there, I'd get your place sold or die trying!! Thinking of you all the way ~

  6. Can you tell I'm getting caught up on my blog reader tonight? Hope that you're settling in okay -- being together, even in a rental with unseen furniture, is better that doing the split.


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