Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 - revisited

I decided to take another look at Alexander McQueen's Spring collection (see my previous post here), this time focusing more on the details and boy, I'm glad I did.  The accessories and embellishments are quite cool (in an uncomfortable, almost disturbing way).  Honestly, when I first looked at the collection, I didn't even notice that some of the girls were carrying clutches, when in fact they were.  I'll take any one of those said clutches, just beautiful.  And how they walked in those shoes, I will never know.  Here are some highlights in my eyes (there are a lot):

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  1. Okay, I totally appreciate haute couture and all that, but some of those shoes? they look like big scary lobster clawed aliens from star trek. i'm honestly scared of them.

    of course the first time some celeb wears them on the red carpet (i can see rhianna rocking a pair) I'll probably fall in love...


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