Monday, June 1, 2009

A trip down memory lane

In 15 days my little girl turns one. I can't even believe it. I was in her room this weekend doing some clothes switching, which happens about once a month when they are this young, and I got a little nostalgic. In mid-May last year I was hugely pregnant, my husband was working 15 hour days, seven days a week and the nursery had not even begun to be set up, no paint, no nothing. Since I was in full on "nesting mode", this was totally stressing me out. The crib and changing table were sitting in boxes in the foyer ready to be put together. The glider rocker was in the living room. All the linens, curtains, pillows, pack and play and toys were in bags in the dining room. If there was any way I could have done it myself, I would have. I would have dragged that stuff up the stairs and set it up, but it's absolutely not possible when you can't see your feet or bend at the waist. It just happened that my Dad was down here on business and stopped in to see me, he saw that nothing had been done and that I was just about in tears over it. So after he returned to home to Chicago he called me up and said that he and my Stepmother were headed down here for a few days to help get the nursery painted, set up and organized. I was so thankful!!! So for four days in mid-May 2008 we did a marathon of decorating, painting, purchasing and assembling. I thought I would share some pictures of what it looked like the minute we were done. Not much has changed, though I have added some shelves and the rocker is closer to the crib. I thought we did a great job. And I also want to thank DwellStudio for doing a collection for Target right as I was deciding what to buy - the linens, crib and rocker are all from that line. Enjoy!

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