Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amazing Hotel Alert!

I was flipping through one of the recent Elle Decor magazines my Mom brought during her stay here last week, and they were highlighting Athens, Greece (you know their regular feature that highlights were to stay, eat and shop for a different city each month). Well, right there in the opening was a picture of the Hotel Grande Bretagne. It just happened that my hubby and I stayed there during our trip to Athens 2 years ago. And let me tell you that is the fanciest, most luxurious hotel I had ever had the pleasure of resting my head. It's a landmark in Athens built in the 1800's and many a famous head of state and celebrity have stayed there too. In fact when we were there some foreign dignitary was also there for a couple of nights and we had to go through metal detectors they had set up at the entrance, just to get inside. The rooms are opulent, the lobby is stunning, but the absolute highlight of the hotel is it's open air restaurant with a stunning view of the Acropolis. It is where you want to be at sunset seeing everything transition from day to night - one of my most treasured memories of that trip.

Here are some pictures from the hotel's website:


Pool on the roof

Open air restaurant views

Here are some pictures that I took from our stay:

Our room


Custom rugs with their monogram near the elevator banks - I just love that dusty purple "B"

It truly is an amazing hotel with a rich history in an equally amazing city!

Images via Hotel Grande Bretagne and me.


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