Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Color coincidence

I'm a magazine-aholic and I had pulled some images over the past few weeks and just stacked them on my desk. I was sifting through them today and noticed a very interesting color palette that emerged. A grey/spa blue/turquoise/silver combination. This also ties in very nicely with my post about The Nines hotel and their gorgeous guest rooms. I really like it!

Image via House Beautiful

Image via House Beautiful

Image via People Stylewatch magazine (June/July 2009) - the colors are so new that they weren't even on Essie's website yet - hence the scan.

The Nines Junior Suite via The Nines


  1. You are so good at this trend stuff! And I still miss working with you!

  2. I stand tall to say "I too am a magazine'aholic"! So happy to know I am not alone. The last room was dreamy. Oh, how I'd love to lounge about in that room. Great colours!

    Many thanks for your really kind comments & great support today. I appreciate it more than you know! Can't wait tonight to read your posting about your husband having to work so far from home. Thank you for sharing that. I know it has to be tough with a little one. You are great inspiration Dobbygirl!!
    I WILL keep the faith, you too & hearts;

    Happy Trails ahead


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