Monday, June 29, 2009

Who put the "twit" in Twitter?

I did! Or at least I did when I first signed up for Twitter a couple of months ago. Yep, I finally caved. I totally fought it and fought it, not really understanding the point - what did I care what Ashton Kutcher was doing? And how would I use it? Well one day I got a wild hair and joined, no reason, just did. I started following the most random mix of people/places/things, seriously talk about ADD. I'm talking everyone from Kim Kardashian and her Mom (why?) to Lauren Conrad to Ryan Seacrest to Lady Gaga, etc. Surprisingly - ha - every time I logged on to see what was going on, it usually was so mind numbing that I quickly navigated away.

One day I had a moment of clarity (which are few and far between these days) and decided that instead of following all this crap, I would focus on what I was really interested in and go after people/things that would give me relevant and helpful information. AH HA! That's it! So I deleted all those pointless for my needs - though I'm sure they are lovely - people (except for Spencer and Heidi - you two need some help) and started following who and what I really like.

Sure, I still follow Ryan Seacrest and some other celebs, but mostly I focus on design, fashion, furniture and hospitality companies and people. I now love to log on and check out what's being talked about. It's turned into a very valuable tool. I'm still getting the hang of posting what I'm doing - which these days isn't much - but I'm getting better and I actually have some followers. You can check out my Twitter feed on the right hand side of the blog here. Or you can look me up at

My point in all this rambling is that Twitter can be used to your advantage, but make sure you focus. That's the key. Sure add some fun people in there, but make sure your mix is more topic oriented, then it just doesn't seem like a lot of "information static".

Happy Tweeting!


  1. I just can't do it. Information overload.

  2. thank you for directing me to this post! when it comes to twitter, i need all the help i can get :) have a great weekend!


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