Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kerry Washington's home office

I was flipping through this month's Oprah magazine and it featured actress Kerry Washington's eco-friendly apartment makeover by designer Danny Seo. Most of the stuff they used came from JCPenney (so it sort of seemed more like an ad than an editorial feature, to me at least). It wasn't really my style, but I was struck by the home office, I love the pops of color and how they mix. It works!

Image via Oprah.com


  1. I like that it's not intimidating. Anyone can achieve this in their own home without paying a kings ransom.

  2. Very approachable. Plus Danny incorporated my favorite chair of all time (:

    bye the bye - love that you named your daughter after Audrey H. I named my eldest daughter after K. Hepburn & my youngest I used Grace as her middle name after of course, Grace Kelly. Great women!

  3. That chair is great! Love Herman Miller! (I did a presentation at their headquarters a few years ago - I was in awe!)


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