Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life's tough when you sleep 23 1/2 hours a day...

at least that's what we say about our cat Murray. She and Wiggy are sister and brother and since I've done a post about him, I figure a post about Murray is in order. I thought I would share a few pictures of her, most are when she is asleep, which is about 95% of the time. And this cat can sleep anywhere. She can find the most obscure hidey hole, fall asleep and you literally won't be able to find her for hours (and she's so asleep she won't hear you calling her name). The other 5% she spends eating, litter boxing and/or worshiping my husband. She waits for him at the top of the stairs when she knows it's time for him to come home (God forbid he be away for the night, because darn it she will sit there for hours, it's kinda sad. I tell her he's not coming home and she just looks at me, then resumes looking down the stairs towards the door). She "talks" to him and they just are best buds. Anyhoo, do enjoy our Murray.


  1. Oh man she's cute. I see she's a sunspot sleeper as well. She also sounds very much like Cookie. I'll do so long as her daddy's not around then I get the don't touch me don't talk to me glare. It's all about my hubby.


  2. Great shots! My canine Murray is a power napper as well.


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