Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the subject of magazines...

I was thinking earlier this week about my magazine situation. I used to get a ton of magazines, everything from National Geographic to Vogue (my husband used to joke about me being a tree killer - hey I recycled them). I love magazines, they contain great snippets of information and photography. You can pick up and put them down and not worry about coming back and having to catch up. But lately it seems that my monthly intake has decreased dramatically. Some of this has to do with a bunch of beloved titles being shut down and some has to do with general cutting back of expenses. And after June of this year (when a lot of my subscriptions run out) I'll be down to only 9 a month, shocking considering that I currently receive 18 a month (which is still down from my height of 25+). I'm still reeling from Domino folding - that was a cherished friend in a sea of sometimes intimidating shelter publications. I've heard rumors of Allure's demise (hope that stays just a rumor). Blueprint, Cottage Living, and O at Home - all gone. For a while there, it seemed like every month I was getting that dreaded little white card in the mail saying that so-and-so magazine was ceasing publication. Sigh.

What's a magazine junkie like me to do? Well, more and more I'm finding my fix from blogs, different ones (listed on the right hand side of my blog) covering different subjects, but still satisfying my need for snippets of useful information and beautiful images. I can access them anytime and in most cases I can leave my own two cents and feel very much a part of something.

I think by this time next year I will have edited my monthly magazine intake to the following titles:
Harper's Bazaar
People Stylewatch
Real Simple
Fast Company

I may add in either National Geographic (for images that knock my socks off) or Our State (a favorite because it keeps me in touch with home). Other than that, that's it. Quite a difference from 5 years ago. How times have changed...

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