Monday, April 27, 2009

I want this!

I have been pining after this CB2 bookcase for many months. It's super cool and will hold quite a bit of books in a small amount of space. I have a ton of oversize design books that I love to have out for reference and I think this will fit the bill - I'm thinking right beside my desk in my office area will be the perfect place. The only think left to decide is, do I want it in aluminum or orange?
Both images from CB2


  1. The chrome would be classic, but orange makes me smile!

  2. Oh wow, those are fab!

    Unless you have an unlimited budget and can float trends go with aluminum. It's be timeless.

    My heart says orange, my head says aluminum.

  3. I think you are abolutely right - I love the orange but the practical side of me has to go with the aluminum!

  4. I think you have to go orange. Just that little something unexpected ;)


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