Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House of Pain

I’ve been a little less frequent in my posts lately because we are in the process of selling our house in order to move to a new city for a job transfer. You can imagine how difficult this has and will be right now. My husband has already “moved” and I’m here holding down the fort and going back and forth. We had our first Open House (for realtors only) last Tuesday so I spent most of the weekend and day before cleaning and tidying and just trying to make the place presentable. Tuesday morning, as I was walking through the house doing a final check, I had a very sobering thought – I hate the way my house is decorated; it doesn’t reflect our style in the least – yuk!

Look, I’m a designer, but I’m not an interior designer by any means. People find out I design fabric and they assume, wrongly, that my house must be like something out of a magazine. I have always struggled with visualizing and figuring out how a space should and can look. My Mother is really gifted at this, she can create little vignettes on tabletops and mantles, while I create chaos and confusion. I try so hard and always it’s just a mess and I give up, overwhelmed and frustrated. A good example of this is when we moved into this house. I arranged the furniture in the living room and I thought I did such a good job. It stayed this way for a few months until one weekend my husband, who had evidently been hating the arrangement, took it upon himself to redo the entire room, moving the sofa there, and chairs here and buying new end tables (I couldn’t decide what kind to get, got frustrated and just used wooden TV trays – yeah). When my Mother came back to visit she raved about how the living room looked so much better this way, she said what a good job I did, and I had to point out that my husband did it. (cue the losing game show music – again).

I’ve been thinking and thinking about why I have such issues with this, part of it has to do with being overwhelmed easily with the amount of space and volume and the other part has to be wanting to make things look “perfect”. I want the just right chair or the just right table and if I can’t find it, I just do without or get something to just get me by for a while until I find it – “a while” usually being “forever”. Not to mention that between my husband and I we have a mash up of things from relatives and from our previous single lives that we have to somehow make work together.

So I have made up my mind that when we move into our new house – whenever that will be – I am going to make a herculean effort to make the house more of a reflection of who we are. I want to feel like I can have people over and not make excuses for how the house looks (“Uh, we’re still unpacking and trying to figure out where things should go.” *nervous laughter*). Now if I can talk my husband into this then we’re in business.

In the meantime I will start an inspiration board of images that I would like our house to look like and what would work with our current furniture (sometimes just a small change can make a big difference – new throw pillows for the sofa for example). I’m just going to take it little by little so I don’t get overwhelmed and maybe hunt down a good interior designer to befriend (ha). Wish me luck!

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  1. I feel your pain -- trying to do the same here. Just got new trim work and 6-panel doors upstairs -- it's amazing what a difference it makes!


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